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DOOM - Avoid Developer Mode

Jun 14, 2016     DOOM
DOOM - Avoid Developer Mode

Warning: This does not correct developer mode, but "avoids" it. You must be out of developer mode before using this.

Here is a quick batch file I made to copy your existing save files first into a safe folder. This way if the game crashes you can just disable cloud save and replace the folder and continue where you left off. I've already been screwed by developer mode twice so I wanted to help other people.

Script Instructions

Where you see a question mark replace with your current directory / folder. Remember if your directory has a space in it, use the " marks.

Replace the steam link below with your shortcut to your desktop.

If done correclty it will copy the files and start the game. You can even turn on cloud save if you want, it won't matter anymore.

Paste the script into notepad and save the file as "DOOM-FIX.bat" or whatever you desire, make sure to use the " marks.

Now just make a shortcut to your desktop and run it, you are not DOOMed anymore. It doesn't matter if you crash and it syncs to the cloud, you now have a safe backup copy of your saved files.


@Echo Locating DOOM save directory.. 
@Echo Copying save files to safe location.. 
@Echo off 
cd \ 
cd C:\Users\? 
cd "Saved Games" 
cd "id Software" 
cd DOOM 
xCOPY /e /Y * "C:\Users\?\Documents\?\" 
timeout 10 
start steam://rungameid/379720

UPD: Check this guide - Developer Mode Fix!

Thnx, Zsec!
15 June 2016 14:42 | RobinBY

Thnx for the script! But, how to disable DEV MODE in DOOM?
15 June 2016 14:50 | R513

Indeed, they're no solutions for this problem :( You can’t disable DEV MODE in DOOM, you can start only the new game. But first, you must deleted previous saved games on your PC and turn off Steam Cloud.
15 June 2016 15:07 | no_look

I didn't use cheats, but DEV MODE is turn on when the game crashed :( And when I load my saves, it marked me as a cheater. I hate Bethesda for this bug! I tried to solve this problem in many ways, but all of it can’t help me ((( And thx for script! I started new game.

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