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Sakura Dungeon - How to Enable 18+ Content

Jun 30, 2016     Sakura Dungeon
Sakura Dungeon - How to Enable 18+ Content

This uncensor patch unlocks everything removed in the Steam version of the Sakura Dungeon game. The patch includes: 24+ CGs, extar events and level of clothing damage.

How to Install the Uncensor Patch

Step one: You should download the patch file from official site - Denpa Soft. Please note: the file is big (168 MB).
Step two: Copy the downloaded file "patch0x.rpa" into the folder (..Steam\steamapps\common\Sakura Dungeon\game).
Step three: Enjoy! ;)
26 October 2016 03:11 | disqus_7bv81lYK8C

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26 October 2016 03:12 | disqus_7bv81lYK8C

Years old, but some are 18-25. THAT IS SOME FAGGIT SHIT
4 November 2016 14:47 | anon1500

"You can't touch it nor can you fuck it"

Not with that attitude you're not!

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