Destiny 2 – Beagle Fix (Error Fix)

This guide has to tell players how to solve the problem with “Beagle” error when launching the game.

How to Fix

Good Day Everyone, Sirs!

Since some latest updates, me and many of people may faced a “Beagle” error which tells you to reinstall the game. I tried to reinstall, but it doesn’t worked. Such a sage with my 1 mb/s internet connection. But anyway, let me share a couple of fixes of this crap.

1) Basic Fix

The first one is very basical. It just says you to go to “C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp” and delete “Destiny 2” named folder. And then, just launch and play. It mostly solves the problem, but not in my case. I just didn’t had any of Destiny or Bungie accorded folders here. So let’s hop into the second way of fixing this

2) Special Fix

This one is special, and you have to go through your “Destiny 2” installed folder with all the files, and delete EVERYTHING EXCEPT “packages”. After this, you have to go in the properties of “Destiny 2” in your Steam library and verify the integral files of game. It’ll download around 120 MBs and you will be able to enjoy the game.

Thank you for attention! If this didn’t helped, please share your problem in coms and i’ll be glad to help you. See you in the game!

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