Tiny Glade – Redo Function Malfunction [Solved]

Redo Function Malfunction Workaround


If you want to replay the building process in step 0 and then switch windows to click on the OBS window, the progress will be directly lost and cannot be restored by pressing X.

That’s most likely do to clicking inside the game window to switch back to it – the click gets registered as an action, and nukes the redo history – in this case it happens to be an empty action, so certainly a bug, but if you had e.g. the terrain or path tool selected, clicking on the game window would have drawn a bit of terrain/path.

Later devs promise to make a proper timelapse feature, so you won’t have to use this dangerous workflow.


If you find yourself in this situation again, don’t hit the Escape key and terminate the “tiny-glade.exe” process from the “Details” tab of Task Manager, so the game doesn’t overwrite your save file.


Switch to photomode when doing a timelapse with undo/redo, then you can click whatever you want and it dosnt count as a action.

That’s why I always warned people while doing timelapses to not let go of that button until you completely have your buildings back and don’t click anywhere. Just do a full undo and full redo in one recording and then cut it together. Undoing everything and then clicking out of the game is to dangerous with that redneck timelapse we are currently doing.

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