Loop Hero – Card Combos and Resource Guide

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Loop hero doesn’t hold your hand so I am offering mine. Let us rebuild.

Card Combos

Hungry Grove

  • Put a blood grove next to a grove then use oblivion to remove the grove.

Blood Path

  • Place 2 battlefields next to each other

Blooming Meadow

  • A normal meadow generates 2HP at the beginning of each day. A blooming grove generates 3HP. To make it bloom place it next to any other card other than another meadow.

Goblin Camp

  • A goblin camp will spawn as soon as you place your 10th stone tile.

Overgrown Field

  • Place a village then wheat fields beside it then destroy the village.

Goblin Lookout

  • Place a swamp in front of a goblin camp.

Ransacked Village

  • Place a vampire mansion next to a village.
  • This spawns up to 4 ghouls per loop.
  • After 3 loops it will upgrade to counts lands.

Resource Guide

Mountain Peak

  • Placing 3 by 3 rocks will create mountain peak.
  • Gives a 120HP bonus and an additional 5 for each rock or mountain placed around it.
  • Every 2 days will spawn a harpy that will randomly fly onto the path.


  • Each rock, mountain or meadow will give a random item.
  • Once the treasury is surrounded it will give a large amount of random items.

Empty Treasury

  • Worth noting, now that the treasury is empty it will spawn a gargoyle every 3 days.
  • Can be destroyed.


  • Cemeteries drops pebbles as you pass through them.


  • Groves drop stable branches.

Scrap Metal

  • So far the best way to get scrap metal I have found is to fill your inventory until they fall off the end. Turns into 1 scrap metal which will turn into stable metal when you have 13.


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  1. I read somewhere that destroying the empty treasury causes you to loose it’s loot. I’m not sure if this is accurate & trying to verify without risking my rewards.

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