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A complete guide to everything Warrior in Loop hero.

Warrior Class Guide


The warrior is as basic as it gets. No special loot systems, no minions to manage. However that does not mean the warrior is boring whatsoever.

When playing the warrior you’ll be able to equip a weapon, a shield, body armor a single ring and a helmet (if you’ve placed an Arsenal card which is a gold card).

There’s certainly a few different ways to play the warrior.

The warrior will be able to receive the following stats on their gear:

  • Damage
  • Damage to all
  • Regeneration
  • Vampirism
  • Attack Speed
  • Counterattack (%)
  • Evade (%)
  • Defense


My personal tier list

I’ve yet to unlock all the traits in the game so these guides currently only reflect their class traits. Please do also note this is based on my personal experience. Some traits are only great when paired up with others.

Reasoning for placements in tier list

Article of protection – S

  • 65% increased health is just overall great, even if it doesn’t take your defense into account.

Shield-master – A

  • 10% chance to stun on every attack is great, CC helps you keep your health up.

Blade of dawn – B

  • Double damage once every day to whatever group you’re fighting first.

Skilled armorer – C

  • This really only is good if you’re stacking Mixed nuts in your food supply, pair it up with a couple of Blacksmith’s hammers to boost it even more.

Buckler – C

  • Required if you’re stat stacking Counter.

Strong aftertaste – D

  • I feel like this is decent at best and only really if you get it really early.

Survivalist – D

  • Could be alright if you were to stack Sturdy stools in your furniture supply however I have yet to find success with it even though I’ve tried a couple of times now to make it work.

Battering ram – F

  • To me this is by far the worst trait in the whole game. It’s a 75% chance to stun for 1 second…

Warrior Complete Trait List

Article of protection

  • After receiving this effect and after every loop, the hero receives a bar of phantom protection that equals 65% of his max hp. All damage to it is dealt ignoring defense.

Strong aftertaste

  • +1.5 damage for every potion used.

Blade of dawn

  • Every morning the hero’s sword is filled with sunlight, causing it’s next attack to deal *2 damage to all.


  • 10% chance upon hit of stunning target for 1 second.

Skilled armorer

  • Defense is increased by 1 after every loop.

Battering ram

  • The hero rushes into battle head-on and his first attack has a 75% chance to stun each enemy for 1 second.


  • Every counterattack restores 1.5*loop hp.


  • If your hp drops below 30% your regeneration is doubled.


  • 35% chance to perform a counterattack during evade.

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