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Loop Hero - Complete Rogue Guide

Written by addy   /   Updated: March 7, 2021    

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A complete guide for everything Rogue in Loop Hero.

Guide to Rogue


The Rogue works on a trophy based loot system. You collect trophies as you kill enemies and as you return to your cozy camp you'll exchange all the trophies at once for a stack of loot. This means it's better to focus on strong enemies instead of stacking low hp groups.

While playing the Rogue you'll be able to equip 2 weapons, 1 pair of boots, a piece of chest armor and an amulet (if you've placed an Arsenal card which is a gold card).

I'm sure there's a couple of different ways to play the Rogue, however the way I've been playing him have been focusing on stacking Evasion and Vampirism, with Crit chance being a close third.


My personal Tier List for Rogue

Reasoning for placements in tier list

Picky - S

Overall it just provides you with much better gear faster than you'd otherwise get it.

Old scars - A

While it's much better depending on how early you get it it'll let you stack hp infinitely.

Fuss - B

Damage reduction, helps you stay alive whenever hits end up going through your evasion.

Marauder - C

A bit of extra gear, great pair up with Picky.

Nothing is sacred - C

Sustain, that's really it.

Lethal weakness - D

Considering this is only 2.5% chance at 50% hp I don't see this as an amazing trait.

Master of fencing - D

Helps you clear packs.

Call of the forest - E

Don't really see much use for this, it shows up when it wants to any usually dies really quickly.

Pickpoket - F

I've personally never tried stacking Counter on the Rogue, I find myself wanting to stack Evasion, crit pretty much every game.

Rogue Trait List

Old scars

  • Max hp is increased by 1 for each received trophy.

Master of fencing

  • 10% chance to simultaneously attack two targets.


  • Fighting against 3 or more enemies will grant you an additional trophy.

Nothing is sacred

  • +3 hp after a kill.

Smoke screen

  • After losing 20% of his max hp in battle, the hero will evade all attacks for 2 seconds.


  • 50% chance to steal a resource shard from an enemy while countering.

  • Lowers the quantity of items received on the camp tile by 3, while increasing the quality of exchange for trophies.

Child of the forest

  • A rat wolf may come to your aid during battle (75% chance).


  • The hero receives 7% less damage for every enemy, starting after the second enemy.

Lethal weakness

  • Every 10% of lost hp gives you a 0.5% chance to instantly deal 1000% damage.


Written by addy.

Game:   Loop Hero