Titan Quest Anniversary Edition – Detailled Tartarus’ Modifiers

Details about Tartarus’ modifiers for anyone who cares.

Player Debuffs

  • Hero Pets Not Allowed: No pets can be summoned while this is active.
  • Hero Potion Cooldown Increased: Increased potion cooldown by 5/10/10 seconds
  • Hero Attack Speed Decreased: Reduced attack speed by -30/-45/-60%
  • Hero Energy Blocked: Reserved 400/700/1000 Energy
  • Hero Magical Resistances Decreased: Elemental and Vitality resistances reduced by -50%
  • Hero Non-Magical Resistances Decreased: Physical, Pierce, Poison and Bleeding resistances reduced by -50%
  • Hero Spell Cast Speed Decreased: Reduced casting speed by -30/-45/-60%
  • Hero Defensive Ability Decreased: Reduced defensive Ability by -30%
  • Hero Move Speed Decreased: Reduced running speed by -30/-45/-60%
  • Hero Offensive Ability Decreased: Reduced offensive Ability by -30%
  • Hero Leech Resistances Decreased: Life Leech and Energy Leech resistances reduced by -75%
  • Hero Status Resistances Decreased: Stun, Trap, Sleep, Disruption, Petrify, Freeze and Slow resistances reduced by -75%

Enemy Buffs

  • Enemies Spawn Trap on Death: Enemies spawn a single runic mine where they have been defeated
  • Enemy Size Increased: Enemies are twice as big, have -20% Total Speed but permanent 33% Damage Absorption
  • Enemy Awareness Increased: Enemies can see from further, making them more aggressive
  • Enemy Size Decreased: Enemies’ size is halved, have +15% Total Speed and +10% Movement Speed, but also -25% Physical, Pierce, Bleeding, Poison, Vitality and Elemental Resistance
  • Enemies Inflict Fumble: Enemy attacks cause 50% Chance to Fumble Attacks for 3 seconds
  • Enemies Have Sharp Ice Weapons: Enemy attacks have 60 Bleeding damage over 3 seconds + 50 cold damage bonus
  • Enemies Have Venomous Weapons: Enemy attacks have 60 Poison damage over 3 seconds + 25 vitality damage + 5% Reduction to Health bonus
  • Enemies Drain Energy: Enemy attacks have 60 Energy Leech over 3 seconds
  • Enemies Drain Health: Enemy attacks have 60 Life Leech over 3 seconds
  • Enemies Drain Health & Energy: Enemy attacks have 60 Life Leech AND Energy Leech over 3 seconds
  • Enemy Projectiles Explode: Enemy projectiles have 50% Increase in Projectile speed, and they deal damage over 2 meter radius
  • Enemy Attack Speed Increased: Enemies have +30% Attack Speed
  • Enemy Dexterity Increased: Enemies have +30% Dexterity
  • Enemy Intelligence Increased: Enemies have +30% Intelligence
  • Enemy Base Stats Increased: Enemies have +15% Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity
  • Enemy Strength Increased: Enemies have +30% Strength
  • Enemy Magical Resistance Increased: Enemies have 75% Fire, Lightning, Cold and Vitality Damage Resistance
  • Enemy Non-Magical Resistance Increased: Enemies have 75% Physical, Pierce, Bleeding and Poison Resistance
  • Enemies Retaliate With Burning Blood: Enemies have 75 Burn, Electrical Burn and Bleeding retaliation over 3 seconds
  • Enemies Retaliate With Chilling Poison: Enemies have 75 Frostburn, Poison and Vitality Decay over 3 seconds
  • Enemies Reflect Damage: Enemies reflect 20% damage
  • Enemy Cast Speed Increased: Enemies have +30% Casting Speed
  • Enemy Defensive Ability Increased: Enemies have +30% Defensive ability
  • Enemy Move Speed Increased: Enemies have +30% Movement Speed
  • Enemy Offensive Ability Increased: Enemies have +30% Offensive ability
  • Enemy Energy Regeneration Increased: Enemies regenerate +50/75/100 health per second
  • Enemy Health Regeneration Increased: Enemies regenerate +50/75/100 energy per second
  • Enemies Spawn Insects on Death: Enemies spawn bees on death. They inflict bleeding and poison damage
  • Enemies Spawn Ghosts on Death: Enemies spawn a ghost on death. They have a long-ranged Mana Drain attack

Bonus: Unused/Trashed Modifiers

Digging into the text files of the game, I found a handful of text entries that hinted that the developpers had lots of ideas for Tartarus’ modifiers, but many of them have been scrapped. For curiositiy’s sake, here’s what I could salvage:

Player Debuffs

  • Hero Skill Cost Doubled
  • Hero Camera Locked
  • Hero Emits Aura Debuffing Other Heroes
  • Hero Health Constantly Draining
  • Hero Energy Constantly Draining
  • Hero View Obscured
  • Hero Unable to Block or Dodge
  • Hero Resistances are Depleted
  • Hero Speed Boost Not Allowed
  • Hero Health Does Not Regenerate
  • Hero Energy Does Not Regenerate
  • Hero Unable to Use Potions
  • Hero Unable to Use Skills
  • Hero Gets No Bonuses From Helms
  • Hero Gets No Bonuses From Rings
  • Heros Get No Bonuses From Bracers
  • Hero is Turned Into a Monster
  • Player Constantly Losing Life
  • Player Constantly Losing Energy
  • Player Skills Disabled
  • Player Skills Cost Doubled
  • Player Skills Slow Recharge
  • Player gets No Bonus from Torso Armor
  • Player gets No Bonus from Arm Armor
  • Player gets No Bonus from Leg Armor
  • Player gets No Bonus from Amulets

Enemy Debuffs

  • Enemies Explode on Death
  • Enemies Spawn Toxic Clouds on Death
  • Enemies May Retaliate with Slow
  • Enemies May Retaliate with Root
  • Enemies May Retaliate with Energy Burn
  • Enemies May Retaliate with Stun
  • Enemies May Retaliate with Freeze
  • Enemies May Retaliate with Sleep
  • Enemies May Retaliate with Petrification
  • Some Enemies Inflict Contagious Burn
  • Enemies May Avoid Magical Damage
  • Enemies May Avoid Non-Magical Damage
  • Enemies Call For Help
  • Enemies cause Slow
  • Enemies cause Trap
  • Enemies inflict Bleeding damage
  • Enemies inflict Cold damage
  • Enemies inflict Fire damage
  • Enemies inflict Lightning damage
  • Enemies inflict Physical damage
  • Enemies inflict Pierce damage
  • Enemies inflict Poison damage
  • Enemies inflict Vitality damage
  • Enemies inflict Energy Burn
  • Enemies inflict Stun
  • Enemies inflict Freeze
  • Enemies inflict Sleep
  • Enemies inflict Petrification
  • Enemies spawn a creature on death
  • Enemies’ primary resistances increased to 100% chance

There was also reworded versions of both existing and trashed modifiers, I didn’t included those.

Written by W. N. G.

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