DiRT 4 – 100% Achievement/Trophy Guide

The ultimate guide to get all the 48 DiRT 4 achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements/Trophies


It doesn’t require too much skill to get all of the achievements. The solo ones that require to win can be done in the easiest difficulty.

Delta Force can be difficult if you’re not that fast but after a few try you should get it.

Up and up could be the hardest if you are not fast enough, as losing make you lose points and your progress. In this case, don’t hesitate to ask for help from other players of this great community. I’m sure you will find nice people to help you.

In the end all you need is a lot of time (60 to 70 hours) to unlock everything.

Luckily, it’s a great game. So fasten your seat belt, start the engine and let’s get racing.

Online Achievements: The Rarest Ones

  • Game mode: Pro Tour
  • Events > Competitive > Pro Tour


  • Complete 25 Events in Pro Tour

Up and up

  • Get promoted to a new Tier in Pro Tour

Less than 1% of the players have unlocked these achievements. The main reason is the fact that you need at least 4 players to start a Pro Tour event, and the low playerbase is even separate in two lists: Gamer and Simulation handling styles. People in different handling styles can’t play together.

You can change your handling style in Options & Extra > Game Preferences > Handling Style before joining the Pro Tour session.

Remember you have to complete the two stages of the event to add one to the achievement.

You can play the 25 events in any handling style, but to get promoted each handling style follow his own path.

You will gain points if you are in the first half of the table, and lose points if you are in the second half. The number of points for each event depends on the number of players in the session. And you need to get 7 points to be promoted to the first level.

Community Events Achievements

  • Game mode: Community Events
  • Events > Competitive > Community Events

The Community Events are events where your time will be compared to other players. Be careful because there is no restart, you have only one chance! The achievements will be unlocked when the event is over, just get back to the Community Events menu to get them and your prize money.

The easy ones

Taps Aff

  • Finish a Stage in sunny conditions in Community Events or Clubs

You can check the weather of every stage in community events. Choose one with a sunny weather and put your sun glasses on.

Flavour of the Week

  • Complete back to back Weekly Community Events

Complete a weekly event two weeks in a row.

DiRTy Dozen

  • Complete all 12 Stages of a Monthly Event in Community Events

No difficulty but you’ll need more than an hour to complete it.

The skill-based ones

The Day Today

  • Finish in the Second Tier or higher in a Daily in Community Events

Choose one of the two daily event. Drive safely, avoid any penalty or crash and it should be ok.

Delta Force

  • Finish in the Top Tier of a Delta Daily in Community Events

The second daily event could be an Owner Daily or a Delta Daily. If it’s a Owner one, you have to wait for the next day to play a Delta. Then drive fast but safely enough to be in the Top Tier of the players.

Solo Career Achievements

  • Game mode: Career
  • Events > Career

To earn these achievements, you just have to play the career mode until the end.

Thanks for Coming

  • Complete the Welcome Event

First you have to finish

  • Finish in first place in a Career Event


International Rally R-3

  • Earn the International Rally R-3 licence

International Rally R-1

  • Earn the International Rally R-1 licence

Global Superstar

  • Win the Global Rally Series


  • Win your class in a multi-class Event in Career

A Bonafide Underdog Story

  • Get an overall win in the lowest eligible Vehicle Class in a Rally Event in Career

Rally Cross

National Stadium Pro-3

  • Earn the National Stadium Pro-3 licence

National Stadium Pro-1

  • Earn the National Stadium Pro-1 licence

Rubbing, son, is racing

  • Win the FIA World Rallycross Championship

First on the Grid

  • Qualify in the top spot in a Rallycross Event in Career

Land rush

International Off-Road C-3

  • Earn the International Off-Road C-3 licence

International Off-Road C-1

  • Earn the International Off-Road C-1 licence

It’s all terrain, dummy

  • Win the Landrush World Series

Historic rally

International Rally H-C

  • Earn the International Rally H-C licence

International Rally H-A

  • Earn the International Rally H-A licence

Obsolete Models a Specialty

  • Win the Historic Legends Series


  • Qualify for an A-Final in a Landrush Event in Career

Triple Crown

  • To unlock the Triple Crown, you have to win the Rally Global Series, the FIA World Rallycross Championship and the Landrush World Series.

Completed it mate

  • Win the Triple Crown

Dirt Academy Achievement

  • Game mode: Dirt Academy
  • Events > Dirt Academy

…now watch this Drive

  • Complete all of the Advanced Driving Techniques at the DiRT Academy

Start a Dirt Academy session, then go to Lessons > Advanced Driving Techniques and complete the 5 exercises.

Joyride Achievements

  • Game mode: Joyride
  • Events > Joyride

Chapter and Verse

  • Set a time in every challenge in a single Joyride Chapter

There is 6 challenges per chapter. Choose your favorite and play the 6 challenges until the end.


  • Set a Gold medal time in a Time Attack challenge without hitting a penalty marker

The easiest way to do it is to race the first Time Attack in Welcome to Joyride. Avoid all the red markers, try to get every green and race fast. You should succeed in a few attempts.

Always Believe

  • Achieve 10 Gold medals in Joyride

The 6 events of Welcome to Joyride are easy enough to get the gold medal.
Then choose the class of vehicles you are more comfortable with. There are 60 events in Joyride, so if one is too difficult for you choose another one !

Kenneth? What’s the frequency?

  • Destroy 100 blocks in 60 seconds in Joyride

Choose a challenge with more than 100 blocks and a fast car. I personally did it easily in the Challenge 3 of Joyride of Champions.

Others Achievements

Real turbulent juice

  • Cleanly land a jump longer than 65m

It will come naturally while playing the game.


  • Earn the Fearless Bonus in a Stage or race

To earn this bonus, you have to drive fast and push to the limits.

Cleaned up nicely

  • Complete a clean Stage or race

Drive safely and stay on the track to unlock it. Easier in the first stages of the Rally career.

This is fine

  • Triumph in the face of adversity

You have to finish a stage with a part of your car critically damaged. Choose a fast enough car, start a rally, try to damage it enough (but not too much !) and don’t repair it between the stages until you got it.

Little Help?

  • Call in the Chief Engineer’s recommendations during a Service Interval

After some stages in a Rally, you can repair your car in the Service Area. You just have to select the Recommended Repairs in the Repair option (you have to disable Auto Repairs in your difficulty settings is it’s on).

Never Raced or Rallied

  • Buy a vehicle from the Classifieds

You can buy one in Vehicles > Classifieds once you have enough money.

Limp Home

  • Finish three sectors of a Stage with a flat tyre

Try to have a flat tyre at the start of a stage by going out of the track and crash. Then drive slowly to not lose your tyre and reach the finish line.

I am the 13.9%

  • Win a Stage in Headcam

Go to Options & Extras > Game Preferences > Difficulty Settings and set Exterior Cameras to Off. Then play and win a stage.

The Nightman Cometh

  • Win a Stage at night

Night stages will come naturally while playing the career. Win it when it comes.

Double Yolker

  • Take two Joker Laps and win a Rallycross race

In the Rallycross mode, you have to take a “Joker Lap” (a longer route than the main one) one time in the race, when you decide to. Just take it a second time and win the race.


  • Complete an Event in Jam Session

Go to Events > Multiplayer > Jam Session and try to join one or create one.

Mondays be like…

  • Get a bad case of the Mondays

This achievement can only be unlocked on Mondays. You have to completely destroy a car to get it.

Tooled Up

  • Upgrade three Facilities to Grade A quality

You can upgrade your Facilities in My Team > Facilities. You have to reach the rank 28 to be able to upgrade 3 stuffs to Grade A.

Make The Dream Work

  • Hire a fourth Engineer onto your Team

You have to reach the rank 21 to be able to upgrade the Accommodation to Grade A. Then you can go to My Team > Staff and hire 4 engineers.

New R-Evolution

  • Own a vehicle equipped with all Grade A parts

You have to reach the rank 28 and upgrade your R&D to Grade A in Facilities. Then start a race with the vehicle you want to upgrade. In the Service Area before the race, choose Upgrade Vehicle and buy all the Grade A parts.


  • Repair your car on Stage and win the Stage

You can do it when you have a flat tyre, or during your career you will also find some stages where you will face problems like lights flickering (in this case if you don’t win, you can restart and you will get the problem again)

When it happens, you will see an indication on the bottom left of the screen. Stop completely the car, press the D pad down button to get the Repair menu and repair your car. You’ll get a penalty but it’s still possible to win, especially in easy difficulty.

Be Brave

  • Complete a Stage or race with the Fearless Preset active

To unlock the Fearless Preset, you have to win the final Championship of one of the disciplines (Rally, Rallycross, Landrush or Historic)

Then, go to Options & Extras > Game Preferences > Difficulty Settings, select Fearless and complete a stage or a race.

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