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Valheim - How to Place Smelter in Your House

Written by Joker   /   Updated: Mar 5, 2021    

Do you wanna place a smelter in your house but there's no space? Here is a solution for that!

Guide to Place Smelter

The 4 Smelters Design

What do you need to build this design:

  • 1 Workbench
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Hoe
  • 1 Pickaxe

It's gonna look like this:

The 4 Smelters Guide and Tips

Really easy to build transfers all the smelted ore to the top (floor in your house). They take zero space in your house or castle, you just have to build a nice stairs to the smelters where you can feed them.

You might ask: But wait how did you build that?

Let me show you so you don't have to guess anything.

So first you have to start with a Hoe or a Pickaxe.

If you want to build this on ground level then the Hoe is gonna be your friend.

For the Hoe

You have to raise a little ground with some stone and place the Smelters around the raised area just like this:

After that you just simply have to raise the ground all the way up in that one spot and you're done!

For the Pickaxe

You have to dig down where you want the smelted ore transfered to and do the same, raise the ground place the smelters around a raised area and then raise it all the way up put a floor on the raised pillar and cover it all, now you just simply have to make a place where you can go down to feed the smelters and you're done!

Written by Joker.

Game:   Valheim