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A complete guide for everything Necromancer in Loop Hero.

Guide to Necromancer


The Necromancer is unlocked by building a crypt.

While playing the necromancer you’ll be able to equip 2 rings, 1 amulet, a book and a shield (if you’ve placed an Arsenal card which is a gold card).

Max Skeletons

Increases the amount of total skeletons you can have active at once.

Summon quality

Increases the chance of higher tier skeletons being summoned instead of the basic skeleton. So far I’ve experienced 5 different types of skeletons, those being in the following order:

Friendly Skeleton

Your basic melee skeleton.

Warrior Skeleton

High damage, low HP.

Skeleton Guard

High HP, low damage, has the trait “First target” which will force enemies to target it first.

Archer Skeleton

Support minion (They don’t take damage), these will be summoned after reaching the max (4) number of melee skeletons have been summoned.

Skeleton Mage

Support minion (They don’t take damage). Has the same stats as the Skeleton Archer. They spawn like the archers after filling all the melee slots.

Skeleton level

  • Increases damage and HP of skeletons.
  • Notice this does not do anything unless it’s a multiple of 1.
  • So being at 2.99 is the same as being at 2.

Stats in order of importance is:

  • Skeleton level > Max Skeleton (3) > Skeleton quality > Max Skeleton (*)

The Necromancer will be able to receive the following stats on their gear:

  • Attack speed
  • Evade (%)
  • Summon Quality
  • Regeneration
  • Defense
  • Skeleton level
  • Max Skeleton


My personal tier list for Necromancer.

Necromancer Complete Skill List

Art of Control

  • +1 to maximum number of skeletons.

Edge of Impossible

  • 20% chance to exceed the number of skeletons and summon 2 of them during the last summon.

Field Practice

  • + 0.25 to skeleton’s level for a loop (starting from the loop when this trait was received).

Preparation for a ceremony

  • First two skeletons summoned in a day will be strengthened.


  • 3 strengthened skeletons will be joining the hero on every loop to help in battle

Residual heat

  • Receive +3*loop hp after skeleton’s death.

Unseen care

  • A permanent +0.5 bonus to energy armor for every summoned skeleton.


  • After hero receives direct damage all skeletons have a 15% chance to immediately perform a counterattack.

Laying down one’s life

  • Any direct damage to the hero will be evenly split between him and his skeletons.

Lightning fast

  • Summoned skeletons have a 20% chance to perform a quick 3-hit combo, with each hit dealing 50% damage.

Ambitions of the dead

  • After killing an enemy, skeleton fully heals itself; its damage and hp are increased by 10% until the end of battle.

Omicron’s Technique

  • +1 resurrection charge.


Thick Necromancer

The Thick Necromancer focuses on stacking as many Thickets as possible to boost the summon speed while using Laying down one’s life, Residual heat and Unseen care to stack energy armor. Focusing on a single stat, Skeleton level to boost both the damage output and hp of the infinitely respawning skeletons.


You’ll wanna look for: Unseen care, Field practice, Residual heat and Laying down ones life.

Required buildings

Only required building is Forest / Thicket which is unlocked by building a Forest in your base. Ancestral crypt should also be considered, however I’ve got yet to try that over the Arsenal.


While focusing almost purely on Skeleton level you’ll wanna get 4-5 total summon slots to split the damage from Laying down ones life. Can be done with either gear or picking up the Art of Control trait.


General Necromancer Guidelines

Necro must-haves:

  • Attack speed, through “Thicket” & “River” cards
  • As many skeletons as you can get, without sacrificing much
  • “Residual Heat” & “Laying Down Ones Life” traits
  • Something that increases your max health or shield over time (Artifacts, “Ancestral Crypt” card, “Unseen Care” trait) to benefit in the mid & late loops
  • Some “Skeleton Quality”, anything but 0%

On later loops (loop 20+):

  • “Skeleton Quality” & “Max. Skeletons” on pretty much every item
  • Map full of “Thicket”, in fact, skip all the “Forest” right from the beginning



  • Suburbs

Faster level up

  • Arsenal

The sooner you can get a bigger horde, the better

  • Art of Control

Offers immense flexibility on item choices

  • Lightning Fast
  • Counterattack
  • Blood Lightning

To simply put, extra damage

  • Edge of Impossible

Chance isn’t important when your skeletons start getting destroyed left and right. Summoning two at once might change the pace of the battle all of a sudden, it’s actually useful.


  • Field Expedition

It might look nice, but it is per-loop, and it won’t make a huge difference. Items start to get crazy as loops go on

Avoid List:

  • Ambitions of the Dead
  • Preparation for a Ceremony
  • Horde

All of these traits are somewhat useless beyond first few loops, heck, they’re even useless even in the first loops. If you aren’t offered something else that might benefit you on the long run, I’d say launch another expedition.


Energy armor

It’s a shield that will refill every fight, can be obtained through Unseen Care or the amulet slot.

Crunchy company (Achievement)

To achieve the Crunchy Company achievement all you’ve gotta do is place a bunch of cemeteries close to each other, as the achievement only states “Have 10 living skeletons in one battle.” -Not which side of the fight they’re on. Get a couple of +1 skeleton pieces of gear and you should be good.

Special tile Interaction


A tile that normally will help you fight enemies in exchange for some of the gear that drops will as a Necromancer result in you also being attacked by the Outpost guards.


The forest tile increases attack speed, however as a Necromancer it’ll increase your summoning speed. It is very powerful to stack a bunch of Thickets (2% Attack speed) tiles.

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