Loop Hero – Building Block for Farm Resources

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Building Block Guide

1. Red Zone (special resources)

  • Wheat fields: Craft fragment (Orb of craft).
  • Spider cocoon: Living fabric (Orb of evolution).
  • Vampire mansion: Pitifull remains (Orb of afterlife).
  • 4+ monsters in 1 slot: Orb of expansion.

1.a. White Zone

  • Slot for monsters to spawn.

1.b. Yellow Zone

  • Blood grove: For help/support hero kill monsters below 15% HP. In addition, it also supports the loss of the monster’s corpse and prevents the monster from reviving (if the monster has the resurrection skill).
  • Village and Camp: Can lock Super Monster and healing hero after battle.


  • For a long distance, before going into battle with 4-5 monsters, I suggest to limit the encounter with Super Monsters (quest in village will make x2 its HP, quite dangerous!) => This is the reason I lock Super Monster.
  • Need to expand more/upgrade towers at Camp to aid destroying monsters.

2. Blue Zone (basic resources)

  • Ruins: Gives a random basic resource shard upon visit.
  • Road lantern: Remove monsters spawn for farm resources or you can remove as long as 1 monster left as a healing location.

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