Deployment – Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements


While everything is possible against bots, I strongly recommend finding a partner to boost the achievements with. Even if you don’t do all the achievements, everything besides the class-specific kills and wins/losses can be done in a couple of hours.

All 54 achievements are possible in 1v1 deathmatches.

Bot matches are limited to 4 player free for alls.

If the game is stuck on the main menu…

The game detects one of your input devices as a game controller and defaults to it. Disable it in Device Manager.

If main menu lags/freezes every few seconds…

Your friends list is too long. Block everyone who you aren’t playing with.

Solo Fun

  • Die Hard – Do not die in tutorial

Simple. As stated, finish the tutorial without dying. The tutorial is just three 1v1 battles. Hog the Boosts and you should win easily.

  • Wanderer – Pass through 250 doors
  • Explorer – Pass through 500 doors
  • Pioneer – Pass through 750 doors

You’ll get these without trying.


Systems are nodes that players can capture and provide assistance. Hold right-click to capture one. You can capture neutral and enemy-owned systems.

  • Damage to property – Deal 5000 damage to systems
  • System Down – Deactivate 100 systems

Dealing enough damage to a system tower will deactivate it (it goes from white to dark grey). You can only damage systems not controlled by your team.

  • Younger brothers – Capture 50 minions spawners
  • Cara Mia – Capture 50 turrets
  • Order of Saint Lazarus – Capture 50 heals
  • Somebody toucha my heal – Capture 50 touch heals
  • All seeing eye – Capture 50 scanners

These can be farmed easily with a partner. Have both of you stand at the same node and hold right-click. You’ll take turns capturing and recapturing the system.

  • Personal army – Spawn 75 minions
  • Santa’s helpers – Get your minions kill 50 enemies
  • Despicable You – Kill 50 minions

The Spawner system will keep two minions spawned to fight alongside you.

  • Personal army: have a partner keep deactiving your system or killing the minions
  • Santa’s helpers: let your minions get the final hit on a partner
  • Despicable You: have a partner capture the system and kill the minions that spawn

Specific Wins

  • Can’t stop winning – Win 3 matches in row
  • No death match – Finish match without dying
  • Only one boost – Finish match, collecting only one boost
  • Don’t need any of that to win – Win match without capturing systems
  • I only want peace for my country – Win match without killing anyone

Self explanatory. Multiple of these can be done in a single match. Cooperate with a partner to get these done easily.


  • Almost Quake – Collect 150 boosts

Boosts are small icons that spawn randomly on the map.

  • See the invisible, touch the untouchable – Kill invisible enemy

You can go invisible either with the Sniper’s special ability or with one of the boosts that spawn on the map.

  • Two went in, one went out – Kill enemy, when you have 5% HP or less

Have your partner choose a weak class like Pyro to whittle down your HP.

  • It would be extremely painful – Survive 200 damage

I had trouble unlocking this with a partner (even though I know it’s possible) so I did it against bots. Capture either/both the healing systems and stay away from enemies when your health is low. Bots generally don’t chase you through doors if there are others nearby.

The Pyro/Sniper/Rocketeer classes have higher HP than the other two classes which might make it a little easier.


  • Warm up – Win 25 matches
  • Practice makes perfect – Win 50 matches
  • It’s starting to work out for me – Win 75 matches
  • Can do it with my eyes closed – Win 100 matches
  • Got gud! – Win 125 matches
  • Denial – Lose 25 matches
  • Anger – Lose 50 matches
  • Bargaining – Lose 75 matches
  • Depression – Lose 100 matches
  • Acceptance – Lose 125 matches

If you are grinding the kills with a partner, you’ll likely get all these achievements along the way. If doing it solo or with a dummy account, losses can be idled in matches against bots.


  • Two-for-one – Make 25 double kills
  • Another three bite the dust – Make 25 triple kills
  • Massacre – Make 25 mega kills

I recommend boosting these achievements with a partner.

Two kills without dying is a double kill, and three without dying is a triple kill. A mega kill is every kill after that without dying. There’s a weird bug where you can’t get more than one double kill or triple kill in a one match even if let yourself be killed to break the streak. Unless you are killing minions, in which double kills seem to count.

  • Over nine thousand – Deal 9001 damage to enemies
  • Guns don’t kill people – Kill 1000 enemies

These will come with the achievements below.

  • I HAVE A GUN – Kill 100 enemies as gunner
  • Bullets be flyin’ – Kill 300 enemies as gunner
  • And 50 water buffalo, too! – Kill 500 enemies as gunner
  • Firefly – Kill 100 enemies as pyro
  • Burning Man – Kill 300 enemies as pyro
  • With fire and fury – Kill 500 enemies as pyro
  • Bullseye! – Kill 100 enemies as sniper
  • Sniper Wolf – Kill 300 enemies as sniper
  • Comrade Pavlichenko – Kill 500 enemies as sniper
  • Lasers are awesome – Kill 100 enemies as laser
  • Physics degree – Kill 300 enemies as laser
  • The laser club’s two blocks down – Kill 500 enemies as laser
  • Big Red Button – Kill 100 enemies as rocketeer
  • ICBM – Kill 300 enemies as rocketeer
  • A weapon to surpass Metal Gear – Kill 500 enemies as rocketeer

The long grind of the game. If you have a willing partner it’s much easier to grind against stationary targets, but it can’t really be idled for either player. There are no match settings, no rematch options, so you need to reinvite your partner after every match making things just that much more tedious.

The Gunner and Cyclops classes have less HP, making them ideal cannon fodder.

Note that kills done via turrets and minions don’t count towards your class kills, so avoid using them if you can.

Otherwise this can be done against bots or online against randoms – which requires you to actually be decent at the game.

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