Loop Hero – How to Obtain In Time for Lunch Achievement

Tips how to get this “In time for lunch” fast.

In Time for Lunch Achievement Guide

All credit goes to deadbus!


Game has a lot of random so it may require couple runs to get an achievement. If you’re not familiar with game yet then I recommend to learn basic game mechanics first.


Remove this cards from starter deck: Treasury (this run is about achievement not resources), Beacon (you don’t need more speed), Vampire Manson (somehow I had best result without it).

Preparing Territory for Lich

When Lich appears it appears in your camp and builds around it 9×9 parts of temple. Each part of temple increases Lich strenght on 5%. To prevent temple parts from appearing those cell must be filled with something. I recommend you put Grove on road and Spider Cocoon, Road Lantern, Meadows around it. Also you can use Oblivion to remove temple parts after Lich appearance.

It’s not necessary to fill it in early loops because you can do it right before summoning Lich. But then you need to keep some monster camp cards for it.

Preparing Map

Main Part:

With each loop Lich becomes stronger so. So you need to reach boss as fast as possible. Same time you need to survive and reach Lich with max hp. This means you need to place as many cards as you can but without overhelming yourself with monsters.

Here is my map:

At some point I felt monsters damage me too much. So I removed couple Groves near with my camp.

You can keep cards and use them in the end of you final loop to summon Lich. If you didn’t fill 9×9 square around your camp then you can do it before summoning. I removed couple Groves so I had to place Cemeteries right before spawning Lich.

My map after using all my cards to summon Lich:

Additional Tips:

  • Do not place more than one Cemetery – Skeletons hit VERY hard.
  • If monsters overhelm you and you lose too much hp, then remove one-two monster nests and get some regeneration items to heal.
  • Put Battlefield in start of your road – after your camp. It allows you get nice items on start of every loop.
  • Do not put too many monster camps together. Use Road Lantern to limit monster group size.
  • Put Rocks and Mountains in 3×3 square to create Mountain Peak – it will give you lot of health.
  • Keep putting together Rocks and Mountains to get as max health as you can. Place Meadow with something except itself to make it Bloom. Blooming Meadow restores more hp.
  • Every 10 placed Rocks and Mountains there will be created Goblin Camp. Use Oblivion to remove it. If you’re not sure that you can handle Goblinds then keep Rock/Mountain cards until you get Oblivion.

Proper Gearing

Without proper gear you can’t beat Lich.

When I’m talking about “base weapon damage” I mean base weapon damage not bonus damage on weapon or other items.

1-4 loop:

  • Collect items with prioritizing stats:
  • Regen>Base weapon damage>Defense>Evasion>Everything else

Collect as much regeneration as you can. 2.5 and more will be great.

4-5 loop:

  • Get at least one item with 10% evasion or more. Then keep prioritizing stats:
  • Regen>Base weapon damage>Defense>Evasion>Everything else

6-7 loop:

  • Check how are you doing. If you’re losing too much hp then get more regeneration and remove one-two enemy camps with Oblivion.
  • Keep evasion items but do not put them on. Unless they are going to disappear and have too good stats.

If you have full hp then you can replace some regeneration items with evasion.

7-8-9 loop:

  • Prepare items for Lich fight. You need 25-30% or more evasion to beat Lich. Right before fight put on items prioritizing stats:
  • Evasion>Base weapon damage>Regeneration>Vampirism>Everything else


My stats for Lich fight (around 1300 hp in total):

Lich stats in this fight:



I’ve spent some time testing different strategies before I finally got this achievement. After that I used my strategy again and killed Lich on first expedition one more time. So I can prove its usefulness.

You still can lose fight because Evasion is random. But don’t be sad and try again!

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