CrossCode – Nature is Scary Achievement Guide

The easiest way to get this achievement, as early as possible.

How to Obtain Nature is Scary Achievement

The Guide

This is much simpler than it seems.

  1. First, go to “Autumn’s Rise – Western Exit”.
  2. From there, work your way to Hedgehag’s Den, killing everything remotely close to your way, you need that S Rank.
  3. At Hedgehad’s Den, start with the southern group of enemies and slowly work your way up to the exit to build time for the respawns to kick in. Before you clear this area you should have S Rank.
  4. Now go to Quiet Passage 2, aggro all groups of Hedgehags in there, and rush north to a lone strip of land against the wall that has a single rock there. On that strip, stay as close to northeast as you can and enjoy the show for a while.
  5. Once you hear the last batch of Hedgehags die, quickly make your way back to Hedgehag’s Den (you can leave the strip by jumping from the rock), poke the first Hedgehag you see and repeat Step 3 to maintain your S Rank.
  6. Now just repeat this cycle: 3,4, 5, to rapidly rack up environmental kills and get this achievement!

For reference, this is the strip of land mentioned in Step 4.

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