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Stronghold: Warlords - Shortcut Keys

Written by KL3X0S   /   Mar 10, 2021    

Here is a list of all the main shortcut keys in the game as of today!

Keyboard Shortcut Keys!

It would be nice to eventually be able to customize them if the devs can update this. 

  • P = Pause
  • G = Granary
  • H = Stockpile
  • J = Armory
  • K = Keep
  • L = Lord
  • Z = Castle Table, Tap Again for a Wall
  • X = Castle Table, Tap Again for a Double Wall
  • B = Barracks
  • V = Market
  • N = Siege Camp
  • M = Military Academy
  • + - = Game Speed

Double tap a building key to bring the camera to it, can be helpful if away from main keep or castle and need to get back to your "base" instantly.

Written by KL3X0S.