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Forza Horizon 4 - Fastest Car for Beginners

Written by Shadow_hive[GER]   /   Mar 11, 2021    

This guide will show you how to get one of the fastest cars in FH4 if youre just starting out

Fastest Car Guide

Get the Mosler MT900S from the Auction House

Before I begin, the fastest car in the game is the Ferrari 599XX E.

The problem is that it costs a whopping 10 Milllion Credits so Its near impossible to get it unless you grind for a few days.

But thats not important, because there´s a car thats almost as good as the Ferrari when it comes to speed and that is the Mosler MT900S.

You can find it usually for around 60.000 Credits in the auction house which makes it very cheap and affordable.

Search for Speed Tunings

After buying the Mosler go to your Tuning-menu and search for speed tunings (You can of course choose another tuning if you want to focus on different parts, more grip e.g.).

This should cost you around 100.000 Credits so keep that in mind, but there are of course other cheaper tuning options.


After applying the tuning on your mosler, you now have a car that can reach up to 440 km/h (273 mph).

And all of that for only 200.000 Credits in total.

Written by Shadow_hive[GER].