Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse – Useful Tips and Tricks

Warning! This guide contains some spoilers.

Tips and Tricks

How to use vending machine in cafeteria

Give him what he’s missing (on the table beside kid sick of fish chips).

How to get the plastic floating bag down

Guy sitting at a porch – investigate the front of his house.

How to get the condoms

What you need to do, is get a slurpee cup, then grab the “midas” box in front of the entrance, combine the cup and condoms, then fill the cup with slurper, then pay the furry at the counter.

How to solve Shop Class puzzle

Once you get the keys from the boiler room run on to the janitors closet grab the box cutter and the pulley. Then run over to the gym, cut the rope, combine rope and pulley then go back to the wood shop. Use the rope and pulley on the chain then pull the lever.

How to reach the attic in grandma’s house

Check grandmas room for something to hook the string.

How to get rid of wasps

You gotta smoke the wasps from below, in the garden. In the grill.

How to defuse/get past the laser grid in the lab

Mixed in with all the debris on the floor of the upper level are two erasers. Use them to reveal the lasers.

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