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Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse - Project Runway Achievement Guide

Written by 【ᏗᏕᏖᏒᎧ】   /   Updated: Mar 13, 2021    

This is a small list of costumes and their location. To acquire them you will have to interact with the objects (via talking, touching or looking), which are circled in the picture.

All Costume Locations (Project Runway Achievement)

Netherton High School

Science class

  • Frog Hat


  • Face Drawing (after finishing Huff The Magic Dragon chore)

Boys` Bathroom

  • Cool Hairstyle

Girls` Bathroom

  • Towels (after finishing "Third Wheel" chore)

Girls` Shower

  • Narwal Jersey

  • Foam suit (first there will be a girl, and after interaction he will appear)

Boiler room

  • Freddie outfit


  • Jason Voorhees

  • Bandage

Principal`s office

  • Graduate Hat


  • VR Helmet

  • Boob T-shirt

  • Worm T-shirt

Shop class

  • Protective Glasses

School Entrance

  • Weed T-shirt (after completing Scarred For Life Chore)

Knothole Street

  • Condom Hat (after finishing Don`t Slurp That chore)

Circle J`s

  • Ears

Shark Dad's House

  • Shark Outfit

Trinity Boulevard

  • Dirty Coop (after finishing Marriage Counselor chore)

Rod`s Thick Pizza

  • Body Hair

Coop`s House


  • Naked Coop

All Costume Locations (Video Guide)