The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante – Personality Guide


You have access to unique stats at each stage of your life. In the beginning of your life, during Childhood, you are able to gain Determination and Perception only. Moving onto Adolescence, you are able to earn from three stats; Nobility, Ingenuity, and Spirituality.

When you transition to Youth, the stats from Childhood and Adolescence combine to create six new stats that will persist for the rest of your life.

Childhood + Adolescence = Youth and Beyond

  • Determination + Nobility = Valor
  • Determination + Ingenuity = Scheming
  • Determination + Spiriuality = Eloquence
  • Perception + Nobility = Diplomacy
  • Perception + Ingenuity = Manipulation
  • Perception + Spiriuality = Theology

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