The Coin Game – How to Get Infinite Time in Survival Mode

This is a guide on how to exploit a bug in the game in order to move around without wasting any energy, health. or time in survival. Keep in mind that this is a bug, and will likely get patched in a future update.

How to Execute the Glitch

This glitch is rather simple to pull off, but doesn’t provide any bonuses in Birthday Mode, only in Survival mode. Just open the watch menu, (esc on keyboard) then open the pause menu WITHOUT closing the watch menu.

This will allow you to move around with the pause menu open. The only downside to this is that you cannot interact with items in this state. You can cancel this glitch easily by opening and closing the watch menu.

This glitch is very useful, as it will allow you to traverse the overworld without losing any energy, time, or health naturally. You will still be able to lose health by taking fall damage or getting hit by a car. I hope that this helps! Keep in mind that this is a bug/glitch, and most likely will be patched in the future.

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