Persona 5 Strikers – Osaka’s Capsule Machines

There are two Capsule Machines in Osaka, both with the same prize pool. They are refreshed each time you load into Shinsekai from a different part of the city. For curiosity’s sake, here are all the prizes and dialogue responses. It costs 500 yen per roll.

Guide to Osaka’s Capsule Machines

Normal Prize

Just a normal prize, huh? Hey, don’t look so down.

  • Prize: Skull Keychain
  • Sells for 350 yen.

Rare Prize

It says this one’s a rare prize. Not too shabby.

  • Prize: Expired Perfume
  • Increases Jail’s security level.

Super Rare Prize

Oho, that one’s super rare! Lucky you, eh Joker?

  • Prize: Mossy Mothman
  • Sells for 5,000 yen.

Super Duper Ultra Mega Rare Prize

Whoa, super duper ultra mega rare!? That’s a lot of adjectives…

Anyway, that’s the rarest possible prize! Great job!

  • Prize: Billiken Statue Accessory
  • Luck +10

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