Slime Rancher – How to Ranch a Gold Slime

Ever wonder how it’s possible to keep a Gold Slime in your ranch without it despawning and still be able to get plorts from it? It’s a process.

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They say it is impossible to catch or ranch a Gold Slime. This guide will show you otherwise. Remember that your first attempts may fail, but there’s always a way to get a Gold Slime into your ranch, and be able to get close to it without scaring it!

Useful tip: if a gold slime starts fleeing from you, quickly save/quit and reload the game, and it’ll “forget” it was fleeing and return to its standard behavior. (This may be patched in the future)

The Guide Itself

Step One: Search for your Gold Slime

Slime Rancher - How to Ranch a Gold Slime

To get a Gold Slime into your ranch, you should get a gold slime that is near your ranch. The screenshot shown is the closest area to your ranch that a gold slime will spawn.

Step Two: Drag it to your ranch

Using your vac-gun, suck the gold slime into the vac current, and quickly swing it towards your ranch. As long as the gold slime doesn’t get too close to you, it should remain idle and won’t despawn.

Step Three: Sniper Phase

This step involves getting the gold slime past the gate to your ranch, and into the ranch area. You’ll have to push the gold slime that way. To safely do this, grab a few pink slimes nearby, and snipe the gold slime with them. You have to aim, and once the gold slime can be clearly pushed into the ranch, fire a single pink slime. Use the pulse wave immediately as the slime is shot out, to increase the overall force of the shot, and make it much easier to push the gold slime into your ranch. Refer to the gifs below if you’re having any confusion.

Step Four: Securely Station the Gold Slime

Slime Rancher - How to Ranch a Gold Slime

The Gold Slime is now in your ranch. But to securely keep it, you’ll need to do some Slime Science. move the gold slime into a temporary location where it shouldn’t escape for now.

So how do you secure a gold slime?

The most recommended way to keep a gold slime from despawning is to place it on a #1 Slime Stage.

Place the stage anywhere on the ranch that is simple and nonintrusive to your standard ranching activities.

Slime Rancher - How to Ranch a Gold Slime

Than, all you need to do is bring the gold slime to the stage, and presto!

Slime Rancher - How to Ranch a Gold Slime

Step Five: Bonus

You can try and collect multiple gold slimes, too! Remember that entering gadget mode causes all slimes to vacate slime stages, so put gold slimes in another place when going into gadget mode!

Slime Rancher - How to Ranch a Gold Slime

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