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Stranger of Sword City Revisited - Controls

Mar 16, 2021    

Keyboard Controls

Keyboard controls for Stranger of Sword City Revisited:

  • Up - Arrow Key Up
  • Down - Arrow Key Down
  • Left - Arrow Key Left
  • Right - Arrow Key Right
  • Confirm/Investigate - Space
  • Cancel - R
  • Sort/Map - Tab
  • Party Menu/Item Detail - F
  • Strafe/Switch Tabs (Left) - Q
  • Strafe/Switch Tabs (Right) - E
  • Help - F1
  • Battle Log/Status - S

How to Change Keybindings 

To change keybindings for Stranger of Sword City Revisited:

  • Select "Option" on the title menu.
  • Press E to go to the "Key Config" page.
  • Select the key to rebind, press space, then press the new keybinding you'd like.