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Behold the Kickmen - Achievements Walkthrough

Written by Wolveruno   /   Updated: March 16, 2021    

100% Achievements Guide

Dev's Favourite

In the main menu, click on TUTORIAL and in the training mode, ENTRAIN. Complete the tutorial following the lessons about dribling, shooting, passing, tackling, dashing until the end.

Got the Ump

As players are getting this achievement, according to Steam stats, more than playing the tutorial, here are the lesson for shooting. Be with the ball, click with left button mouse and the more you hold, the stronger will be the kick. To control the curve, hold again after the kick and use the direction keys.

Come on the Lads

Win one match. You have to score one or more goals than your opponent.

Seeing Red

Keep tackling opponents that are without the ball until your player receive a red card.

Lovely Tackle

When you tackle the ball with a opponent, a big circle will form and if you click again while it's green, you will perfom a perfect tackle.

Lovely Tackle

In SQUAD MANAGEMENT, buy all levels to your skills (ball, tackling, staminae, goldkeeper and teamplay) in the football gym.


Shoot from the middle field to do a 3-pointer goal or cross your fingers to the opponent team to cause an own goal.

Spirit of '65

Complete the story mode by defeating the Brazil United team. Climb the table until the 2nd place where you will have a match against the 1st, Brazil United. Build your game strategy with an offensive, balanced or defensive team, prioritizing some skills or winning money to max all. Earn a lot of money by passing to your teammates before doing a goal. My strategy was invest on ball and staminae skills, kick hard forward and run to do a 1-pointer goal from the box.

Written by Wolveruno.