No Man’s Sky – Getting the Atlas Passes (V1, V2, and V3)

When I started playing this game I had no idea how to get an Atlas pass and the guides I read didn’t tell me how to either. This is a short simple explanation of how I got my atlas pass blueprints for v1,v2, and v3 atlas passes.

Getting The Atlas Passes (And Other Blueprints)

Let’s start this off my saying I am by no means an expert and I only play casually. This is how I got all 3 blueprints for the Atlas passes without getting them from the atlas quest line.

(Just a heads up I grabbed the pics for this guide from the no mans sky wiki as I am too lazy to hunt the needed pics down in-game).

So you’ve been playing No man’s sky, having fun collecting resources and finding new and creative flora and fauna when you come across a cargo cache with a mysterious cylindrical container. This container requires an Atlas pass V1 to open… Later, you are enjoying some down time on an alien space station and you find a door locked and requiring Atlas pass V3… Where exactly can you get this mysterious pass? I’ll do my best to tell you how I did it.

  • 1. At a local space station, visit the cartographer. You’re going to want several Planetary Charts (secure site) type. This will give you a chance of finding a Manufacturing Facility, Depot, or an Operations Center. The Manufacturing Facility and Operations Center will give you the chance to get the blueprints.
  • 2. Locate a manufacturing facility and break down the door. I use a scatterblaster gun on my multi-tool. Be warned the sentinels will attack once you break down the door, but going inside the building they won’t be able to get you. I park my ship outside the door for easy escape.
  • 3. Find the console and activate it. You will eventually get 3 options for a reward: Nanites, Multi-tool expansion slot, or learn new recipe. For the purposes of getting the atlas pass, select “Learn new recipe”, This will give you a “factory override unit”.

Just like with “Salvaged data”, you want to collect the “factory override unit” points to then spend on the blueprints you want.

You’ll notice on the right side of the ‘store’ you have the options for the 3 atlas passes.

  • 4. Repeat numbers 2. and 3. until you have enough “factory override unit” points to get the Atlas passes!

I think there is also a chance of getting the Atlas pass blueprints unlocked with the Atlas quest line, but I found this way so I’m sharing it with you guys!

This is also how you can find other blueprints like the Warp Hypercore or the Magnetic Resonator, so that’s cool too.

You’ll still need to get the materials needed for the Atlas Passes, but I found the blueprints to be harder to locate.

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