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Unturned - Early Game Tips

Written by pure_corruptions   /   Updated: March 18, 2021    

Im gonna sum up the early game tips against the zombies.

Tips for Early Game


  • Stealth is a very important thing in unturned in its early game. You want to enter a town/village and crouch with x to set off a thermonuclear explosion to fry out the eyes of every zombie in a 20 meter radius. You'd want to keep away of them tho, as they will automatically attack you if your near them and will attack you if they hear you from running and gunfire.
  • Stealth is useless against players, except camping.


  • Gather all items you can in the buildings, but dont gather duplicate clothing items.
  • Remember that z can still spawn in buildings, even if you have cleared the entire town out.
  • And keep your ears open for z, as they make a certain grunt noise if they detect you and one is enough to kill you.


  • Never meele a zombie with your hands, you should just run if you have nothing else than your fists.
  • Sneak until you find a meele weapon, as all meele weapons can stun zombies every hit.
  • And save ammo for your guns until theres more than 1 zombie out there to kill you.
  • Use bows when crouched, as your ability to aim far with it is pretty ♥♥♥.


  • You'd wanna keep a eye on the food quality on the food.
  • If its below 60%, you can get contaminated (i have no idea what is the name of the bar, it has the green contamination symbol).
  • The contamination bar will show how much of a toll the low quality food having on your body.
  • You'd wanna focus on turning food below 60% into seeds and keeping all of the food/ingredients not below 60% until you can make a farm and a campfire.
  • Remember, bottled water can rot.
  • Most food items cant satisfy the needs of h2o and calorie once.

Written by pure_corruptions.

Game:   Unturned