Mr. Prepper – How to Keep The Agent from Arresting You

So if you’re having trouble keeping the agent from arresting you, then I have some advice that I learned the hard way.

Guide on How to Prevent The Agent from Arresting You

To keep the agent at bay, and not suspicious of your bunker building. Do as following:

  • Turn the picture above your bed (in the bedroom).
  • Don’t add or remove anything from the house (if you do replace it with another).
  • Cover the door to the bunker with the carpet.
  • Remove 2 of the 3 barrels behind the house.
  • In his reports he’ll label if anything is suspicious or lacking items (if you’re lacking anything buy/make it right away).

Its that simple, also if you keep getting good house reports, he’ll come less often, instead of a few days itll be a weekish.

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