Saviors of Sapphire Wings – Stats Guide


  • STR: Increase all weapon based Physical Damage. everything which use weapon always use this stat. druid spell which using weapon to attack also use STR. Valiant attack spell use STR too.
  • INT: All 4 element(fire, ice, wind, earth) spell use this, all wizard attack spell damage, combination of 4 elemental spell damage use INT too. also increase mp
  • WIS: Light spell damage, healing potency, increase mp too, hero song success rate. I believe WIS also increase resistant to status effect but not sure
  • VIT: Increase HP. vital for every class. Minimum vit 15 is recommended for all classes.
  • AGI: Dodge rate, hit rate, initiative rate. This stat is important to damage dealer, raise this so that your attack hit.
  • LUC: Charm rate, instant kill rate, critical rate, chance to inflict status effect, chance to avoid status effect, alchemist spell damage. Also I believe this skill affect druid’s great wyrm spell.


By understanding how stat above, we can decide which stat to use for each class.

  • Valiant: STR.
  • Fighter: STR.
  • Paladin/Knight: VIT/STR.
  • Samurai: AGI/STR.
  • Wizard: INT.
  • Healer/Cleric: WIS/PIE.
  • Ranger: AGI.
  • Ninja: STR/LUC.
  • Alchemist: LUC.
  • Druid: LUC or whatever how you plan to use druid.
  • Dancer: Depends on build.
  • Clocker: Depends on build.
  • Puppteer: LUC.
  • Freeman: Whatever.

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