Home Sweet Home Survive – How to Dominate Survivors

Here are some tips I manage to assemble by playing this game, hope it helps.

Gameplay Tips

1. If you have played DBD before, Belle will remind you alot like Philip Ojomo. Like Belle, Wraith can bodyblock survivors in areas like the Swamp.

2. She can travel short distances with her phasing without any speed to cooldown penalty, use this as an advantage to catch up survivors with lots of stamina.

3. Don’t rush for new characters, you may be tempted to buy the prisoner but it isn’t worth it. Instead you should buy perks, one which stands out the most is “Jumpscare”, this perk allow you to gain distance when phasing, this is huge considering survivors can sprint and go into a loop.

3. Tunneling is a strategy in this game, you need to take survivors out of the match asap, or else those rituals will get done fairly quickly. This can be done by going into cloaking mode and locating that survivor that just revived. There are exceptions, such as that survivor having too many items and other resources in one area or him leading you to an area you cannot pressure.

4. Don’t respect doors or the cracks in the walls. When a survivor is attempting to close a door on you, lunge forward and there’s a chance you’ll be able to “glitch” through.

5. When there are only 2 survivors left, try to go for the one that doesn’t have a skull near their character in HUD. By doing this the survivor will be temporaly disabled and with cloaking or teleporting you’ll be able to find the last survivor. IF you don’t, the gates will open and there’s nothing you really can do.

6. Try to go to the the room next to the room with the vent as soon as you see a survivor going through a vent or pot,the survivor will have very little time to react and you’ll be able to hit them. In swamp you have to memorize which pot goes to which, once you know it, you’ll be able to catch up fairly quickly.

7. If a survivor falls down from a ledge, try to chase that one survivor. Why? Because the survivor will have a speed penalty when moving in the waters, and there are only two ways the survivor can go, so it’s a guarantee hit.

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