Risk of Rain 2 – How to Unlock Rex (Full of Life Achievement)

Guide to Unlock Rex

What You Need

The Artifact of Command to chose your items.

As many Infusions as your gosh damn pockets can carry until your health reaches >2000 (unless you are able to pick up a Rejuvenation Rack then you just need >1000).

Eventually a Lepton Daisy when you are ready.

And any items you need to survive while you get the kills to increase your health.

Getting the Achievement

Start the game as REX.

Getting items along the way and choose accordingly:

  • Common items: Whatever you want to take to stay alive.
  • Uncommon: Infusion until you have >2000 health. Then get Lepton Daisy.
  • Legendary: Rejuvenation rack.

Then all you need to do is get healed by the teleporter event for half you hp and boom. Done.

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