Home Sweet Home Survive – Tips and Tricks for Survivor and Specter

The game is in its very early stages, so bear with me if any of this changes. Without further ado, here are some helpful things I have learned during my experiences playing!

Useful Tips and Tricks


1. If you find any weapons that can stun the specter that you don’t need, it can be helpful to leave them near ritual sites or in open areas for easy pickup by other survivors!

2. There is a locker technique in which you can hop in a locker and leave right as the specter destroys it resulting in no damage taken. In early levels, it is easy to bait, but be wary because good specters will know what you are doing and will try to mind game it (be smart, this is risky and should only be used as a last resort if you are low on stamina/health!).

3. When using a vent or pot, try to bait the specter into coming as close as possible before using (don’t use them immediately!). This can make a big difference as just waiting will recover stamina for you.

4. When using a holy string trap, placing them in areas near ritual sites or areas that will get passed through often (the middle area in the abandoned hospital/entrance to the lower areas in swamp) can be very useful. Don’t use them in small rooms that will often go to waste, unless you know your teammate is near and can inform them of the trap accordingly.

5. You can use stickers by pressing the V key! These can be helpful to let your teammates know if you are being chased (me decoy), or if you have incense and don’t know where a ritual site is (got key item). A lot of people might not know about this, so it might be a bit difficult to communicate but try to spread the word to other players (communication is key in this game)!

6. Avoid jumping off the gold ledges in swamp that lead to the swamp area at the bottom. This area is a dead zone for survivors and if you don’t know what you are doing you will die very easily (this is also problematic because people will have a hard time trying to revive you as they will also have to venture there to grab your soul). In hospital, I find that when using the gold holes it’s better to use it as soon as possible as sometimes you won’t fall down immediately (don’t wait and try to mind game it, the specter can still hit you halfway through the hole).


1. In early levels it may be easier to focus on one survivor, but remember to PROTECT YOUR RITUALS! Always apply pressure to rituals and keep survivors scrambled, but don’t change targets too much or you will be wasting your time.

2. As for the previously mentioned locker technique, be wary that there is a perk that survivors can use to stun you if you are standing right in front of a locker, so try to play smart and predict the survivor (often survivors that go into lockers are panicked, or if they go in prematurely you know they will most likely have that perk; choose your game plan accordingly.)

3. When aiming for the survivor as specter, I find that trying to get a direct hit in their back works most consistently, aiming for the sides often results in a miss (This one is a bit shaky as ping can be unpredictable until there are more servers).

4. Shield techniques! It can be tempting to use your shield early but be patient! A lot of survivors may run back at you to hit you with a weapon easier, so you can try to back away instead of wasting your shield (good survivors may try to bait running back at you and not actually hit, so be wary!). You can also use your shield to run through holy string traps undamaged but use this wisely as it can be a waste of time in small areas that you will not return to or have multiple entrances.

5. At the start of the game, it can be very beneficial to break doors and holes in walls to reduce survivor resources, but don’t waste your time doing this too much. There are a few key doors/holes in the wall that are very powerful (eg. the blood-covered hole in the wall on the hospital second-floor stairway, the entrances to the two big houses in swamp with ritual sites). As you play more you will familiarise yourself with these locations.

6. When there are only two survivors left it may be difficult to catch the last survivor because of the portal spawns and how quickly they can open them. When there are two survivors left, try to make sure both are low on health if possible, and if you are playing as Belle keep your teleport up for easier access to the last survivor. A lot of the time there will be nothing you can do, but following those two steps will help you out!

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