Absolver – Everything You Need to Know About Stats

Not sure what to invest your limited upgrade points in? This guide might be able to help.

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How Stats and Your Moves Work Together

When I first started playing, I glossed over the stats and this one caught my eye the most: Strength.

Strength is an important factor, a variety of attacks rely on it, and it notably increases your damage output early on depending on the style you pick.

  • Forsaken is a style that’s more of a balance between dexterity and strength. 
  • Kahlt is a more heavy hitting and strength based deck of moves. 
  • Windfall is the more dexterity oriented build of the three. 

All of that aside, do not focus on either or. Upgrade them together. Every attack in the game no matter the stance is available to learn, and only using one stances attacks in your deck is going to set you up for failure.

The maximum level you can reach is sixty as of now, and the soft caps for your stats are twenty if you want to divide points evenly betweem a four of the five upgradeable stats.

Now, onto the point of this section. Your stats directly impact your characters effectiveness with certain moves in the game. When you go into meditation, enter practice mode and look at your combat deck. When you hover over a move, you’ll see it’s name, stats (Power, speed, and range) along with the actual attribute stats it relies on.

The attribute(s) it uses or does not use is notable by the icons of: A flexing arm, (Strength), a hand (Dexterity,) and a man running, (Mobility). The amount that the attribute factors in to the attacks effectiveness is done by a rating system – S to E. – S being the highest and E being the lowest. If you see a – by the icon that means the attack doesn’t use X attribute as a factor. If the attribute’s letter is highlighted in green that means the stat is great for this move, if it’s white, that means it’s neutral, if it’s red, that means you’re lacking.

The mobility stat is affected by your clothing, and from my personal experience it’s best to have this stat around 25-27. As long as your speed if, “Fast.” is the point. Now, to achieve this you’ll probably be quite suspectible to swords/gauntlets and almost naked honestly, but that’s where your own individual skill at dodging, parrying, and countering come into play to make up for this.

If your mobility stat is higher than your opponets, your attacks are faster. They do more damage the less you weigh, and your stamina is depleted far slower during attacking/defending if my knowledge on this is right.

The best thing you can do, in my personal opinion, for the best balanced style is to put 20 in every single attribute EXCEPT will. Will, to me, is absolutely useless. You build up shards fast with just three while in PVE/PVP., three being the default you start at. You’re going to have a single point left over, so if you want you can invest it into will. Your stats should look like this if you do this form of investment up to level sixty.

  • Strength – 20
  • Dexterity – 20
  • Vitality – 20
  • Endurance – 20
  • Will – 4
  • Mobility – XX (Depends on your gear as stated)
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