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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - How to Dodge Attacks from Repentance's Final Boss

Written by Danizk0   /   Updated: April 6, 2021    

How to Dodge All of Mother's Attacks


Phase 1

After each attack, try to return to the center of the arena so that you have enough time to get into position for the next one. This phase has tougher attacks, but less health than phase 2.


Fist Slam

The easiest attack. Stand below the center of the arena and you’ll be fine. Make sure to kill off the maggots, as they deal contact damage.

Knife Throw

Once again, stand below the center of the arena. When the knife starts flying, slightly move to the left or to the right (away from the knife), and then weave between the remaining projectiles. If this attack catches you off-guard, try to hug the bottom of the arena and make tiny vertical movements to dodge the green tears, if they are sent at you. This method is less reliable and should only be used if you don’t have enough time to get to the center.

White Homing Lines

The trick to dodging this one is different for either hand, since the projectiles always start out with a lot velocity to the left.

If the projectiles are coming from the left, stand close to the top right corner of the arena until some lines get “aggroed” on you. After that, move down, wait for more projectiles to start homing in on you and move up.

If the projectiles are coming from the right, this attack is harder to avoid. stand below Mother’s hand, which is about to burst, and once it does, start moving left, all the way to the wall. Make a smooth turn and start going up when you get close to it. Weave between the remaining projectiles, if there are any. Note that in the video, I made a big mistake at 0:07 by not going to the left enough, and was forced to do a very dangerous maneuver. The correct way to dodge this attack is at 0:24.

Gaper Horde

Hug the left or the right wall and shoot down. Move up and down after each of Mother’s swings.

Fistula Ball

Probably the hardest attack in the whole boss fight. Very tough to avoid if you don’t have sufficient speed. Remain slightly above the bottom of the arena and run left and right, while moving down after Mother hits the ball and up after the ball hits the bottom wall. After each of Mother’s swings, change your horizontal direction in order to make the swings more frequent and Fistula’s movement more predictable. Essentially, you want to keep Fistula moving as vertical as possible. When Fistula is about to shatter, it will stop glowing green. After it does, dodge the smaller pieces and quickly kill off the maggots. It’s worth noting that Mother will usually start the Knife Throw or Gaper Horde attack after this one.

Phase 2

Try to stay relatively close to Mother, but don’t let her move far away from the center of the arena. Since her charge attack always starts from top, prefer to stand below Mother and not above. DO NOT hug the left or right wall for too long because you won’t be able to avoid the charge if you do. This phase has easier attacks, but also about 1.5x – 2x more health than the first one, so don’t get careless if you quickly defeat the first phase.


Charge Attack

The most dangerous attack in this phase, but not the hardest to avoid. Mother will always start it by dashing from top, regardless of your vertical position, and the second dash will come from the bottom. After the boss jumps off-screen, move down and left/right, depending on your current horizontal position. Then, move left or right. Don’t go to the top of the arena after the first charge because that will put you in a vulnerable positon if Mother decides to do 2 charge attacks in a row. Hug the bottom wall so that the rock shockwave doesn’t hit you after Mother’s landing.

Yellow Lines

Doesn’t require an explanation, really. Pay attention to the walls of the arena, stand still when projectiles are shot and make small movements to avoid the next wave of them. There are always going to be exactly 5 waves of projectiles.

Suction Attack

Run around the boss in a small circle (don’t move away from Mother because there are projectiles spawning behind you). When the suction stops, quickly move behind Mother to dodge the splitting cluster of projectiles she will spit at you. The smaller chunks will collide with the boss and make dodging the remaining projectiles much easier. If there’s a small chunk flying at you, you can hug the wall it’s about to hit and you will be safe when it splits (look at the way the chunk gets split when it hits the top wall at 2:41, hopefully you’ll understand what I mean).

White Squiggly Lines

The scariest-looking attack this boss can perform, but relatively easy to dodge if you know what you’re doing. When Mother starts to spin, quickly move as far away from her as possible, but stay directly below or above her, not diagonally. Make small movements to the left or to the right until the attack is over.

Written by Danizk0.