Evil Genius 2 – The Golden Tutorial

This will not guarantee successful world domination, but you will have a great start if you follow ‘The Golden Tutorial’

The Golden Tutorial

In EG1 you could farm a lot of gold when you got access to the world map. People would basically avoid kidnapping the Maid and then farm the world map for cash without interruptions from the Agents of Justice.

You can almost do something similar in EG2 by staying in the tutorial for a long time.

1. Pick your favorite Evil Genius

2. Key: Start the game with the Tutorial turned ‘On’

3. Key: Do all the tutorials until you need to select a Technician in the ‘Minion Introduction’ side story.

4. Do NOT complete the Technician side story until you have farmed enough gold. Nothing can be destroyed / break until you have Technicians unlocked.

5. Build a lot of:

  • Radio Repeaters for world map [Control Room]
  • Get some lockers to increase minion count [Barracks]
  • Large vaults since you will need the space for gold [Vault]
  • All the research equipment [Laboratory]

6. Send your minions out on all the highest $$$ cash schemes in the world, and farm as much cash as possible. Personally, I prefer to fully unlock 1 region at a time.

7. Make sure to have science minions and research all available Tier 1 and Tier 2 [Global Operations, Lair, Minions, Traps]

8. Do not worry about heat. Small weak groups of agents may arrive, since they are super easy to deal with and cannot damage your equipment.

9. Research stairs and connect to another floor. Build something huge and expensive like a mega generator room.

10. Once you feel ready to proceed with world domination [Enough Gold/Research/Base building]– go complete the tutorial objective for the Technician.

11. Execute dastardly deed(s) and conquer the world.

Always remember to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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