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Evil Genius 2 - Loot Functions and Statistics

Written by jessen21   /   Updated: Apr 3, 2021    

A guide to the various loot objects and their functions.

Guide to Loot Functions and Statistics


Your dastardly deeds out in the world can result in various objects that you can put around your lair in order to inspire your minions, or help them blow off and recover their stats in various ways. Often, side stories come with hefty investments, but the payoff of the objects they bring can be far useful in the long run.

Loot Functions and Statistics

Maple Syrup Dispenser

  • Heat Generated: 20
  • Use: After a few schemes to acquire this miracle making dispenser, you can place it anywhere in your lair to have it restore the morale of any minion who uses it. Just bear in mind that it will generate heat and bring the Forces of Justice to your door if anyone of them actually sees it.

The Flying Pig

  • Heat Generated: No
  • Use: Agent X really shouldn't have insulted you by saying you'd rule the world when pigs fly. That said, this isn't exactly what he meant, but it will do. Its a simple little 'outside the market' ride that you'd see typically taking quarters. Your minions will enjoy riding it however, and it will restore their morale.

Alien Meteorite

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: After getting this piece of rock from a few missions in P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Territory, I can't say exactly what the meteor does, but it is a particularly handsome example of a rock from space.

Declaration of Independence

  • Heat generated: ??
  • Uses: Stealing the Declaration of Independence of the united states certainly is something a criminal mastermind would love to do. Once you get it, this item becomes quite a decorative piece. It can also restore the morale of your minions as they view it.

Rumpelstiltskin's Wheel

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: I'm sure everyone knows the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, and his ability to spin gold. The ability to make gold from nothing is long sought after, and if you can get your hands on this wheel, you'll be granted the power to spin yarn into gold!

The Sands of Time

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Yes yes, Persia isn't the only place you can find the sands of time! When you get this loot object, you've picked up a pretty powerful one. When placed in an area near objects that will depreciate in durability, it will stop those objects from decaying. Its also rumored that it can slowly reverse the damages, but what may be more truthful is that it allows technicians to at least repair them and not have to worry about them ever again.

Aurora Borealis (Delux Edition)

  • Generates Heat: No
  • Use: Placing this object in your lair's cover operation will impress your tourists and agents who come by, thinking its nothing more than a light show. Meanwhile you and your minions will know the truth. It will distract agents and keep them in your cover operation longer.

Fountain of Youth (Pre-order)

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Use: Hunting for the fountain of youth is certainly one of the funniest ways a genius can spend their time in. The fountain itself is pretty strong, but italso has a counterbalance to it as well. It will heal your minions, but it will also impart on them a debuff that means they cna fall for agents tricks more often. Still, its a very good early asset and can help a genius without spending a lot of time or money on maintaining a huge infirmary.


Written by jessen21.

Game:   Evil Genius 2