Evil Genius 2 – Loot Functions and Statistics

A guide to the various loot objects and their functions.

Guide to Loot Functions and Statistics


Your dastardly deeds out in the world can result in various objects that you can put around your lair in order to inspire your minions, or help them blow off and recover their stats in various ways. Often, side stories come with hefty investments, but the payoff of the objects they bring can be far useful in the long run.

Loot Functions and Statistics

Act 1

  • This part begins the moment after you finish the tutorial, and can get the below loot items.

Maple Syrup Dispenser

  • Heat Generated: 20
  • Use: After a few schemes to acquire this miracle making dispenser, you can place it anywhere in your lair to have it restore the morale of any minion who uses it. Just bear in mind that it will generate heat and bring the Forces of Justice to your door if anyone of them actually sees it.

The Flying Pig

  • Heat Generated: No
  • Use: Agent X really shouldn’t have insulted you by saying you’d rule the world when pigs fly. That said, this isn’t exactly what he meant, but it will do. Its a simple little ‘outside the market’ ride that you’d see typically taking quarters. Your minions will enjoy riding it however, and it will restore their morale.

Alien Meteorite

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: After getting this piece of rock from a few missions in P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Territory, I can’t say exactly what the meteor does, but it is a particularly handsome example of a rock from space.

Declaration of Independence

  • Heat generated: ??
  • Uses: Stealing the Declaration of Independence of the united states certainly is something a criminal mastermind would love to do. Once you get it, this item becomes quite a decorative piece. It can also restore the morale of your minions as they view it.

Fountain of Youth (Pre-order)

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Use: Hunting for the fountain of youth is certainly one of the funniest ways a genius can spend their time in. The fountain itself is pretty strong, but italso has a counterbalance to it as well. It will heal your minions, but it will also impart on them a debuff that means they cna fall for agents tricks more often. Still, its a very good early asset and can help a genius without spending a lot of time or money on maintaining a huge infirmary.

Sword in the Stone

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Arthurian legends come alive as you steal this piece of loot! Its usable by minions and drains a bit of smarts, and while they may fail to pull the sword out at first, later after a bit of rest, they’ll wake up with a buff that will allow them a ‘second chance’ instead of dying when they fight.

R.A.Y.G.U.N. (Cabal DLC)

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Well, this is kind of a mini-doomsday device. Too bad none of the geniuses were interested in it. Espectro decided it would be good though, so maybe hes on to something. You can use this device to torture and interrogate agents on.

Act 2

  • This is around the time you’ve done the groundwork for your doomsday device, and unlocked your next advanced minion types (Mercenary, Socialite, Biologist, Spindoctor). The following Loot items are obtained after.

The Sands of Time

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Yes yes, Persia isn’t the only place you can find the sands of time! When you get this loot object, you’ve picked up a pretty powerful one. When placed in an area near objects that will depreciate in durability, it will stop those objects from decaying. Its also rumored that it can slowly reverse the damages, but what may be more truthful is that it allows technicians to at least repair them and not have to worry about them ever again.

Statue of Liberty’s Torch

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Place this giant piece of history anywhere and your minions will get a buff that allows them to spot agents much better. I suppose Lady Liberty in any capacity has the power to inspire vigilance

Trojan Horse (Preorder)

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: this fine piece of woodwork allows you to carry out particular missions on the world stage, which are very profitable, with often low minion requirements.

Act 3

  • Act 3 begins after you’ve built the first level of your doomsday device, and have run some tests and found the drawbacks. The following Loot items become available after this point:

Doors of Fort Knox

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Some pretty doors for you to use, but of course they also look particularly… valuable as well so don’t expect them to protect for long. They’re supposedly harder to break into than regular doors, so try placing them guarding your big vault.

Cupid’s Arrow

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Cupid is the cherub of love, but no one ever said love didn’t hurt! This piece of loot is a trap that will fire arrows at agents who walk into it’s range. Might be useful if you combine it with traps that hold people in place, as it does a fair bit of vitality damage.

Flame of Prometheus

  • Heat Generated: ?? (Pun not intended)
  • Uses: You got to give a hand to the Greek legends, they sure knew how to tell impressive stories, and had some pretty nice asthetics for their relics. This acts as a hallway trap, that will spout fire and burn enemies that get close to it.

Note: Currently, this loot is exclusive between it and the Hubbard Slice.

Aurora Borealis (Delux Edition)

  • Generates Heat: No
  • Use: Placing this object in your lair’s cover operation will impress your tourists and agents who come by, thinking its nothing more than a light show. Meanwhile you and your minions will know the truth. It will distract agents and keep them in your cover operation longer.

Act 4

  • This is around the time you unlock your final four minion types, and before you build the second level for your doomsday device. The following Loot items become available.

Hubbard Slice

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: This is like an upgraded version of the original game’s Pete Bog, a caveman stuck in ice. You’ll want to place this in areas that might be prone to fires, as this will prevent them from starting in its immediate area.

Note: Currently, the Flames of Prometheus melts the ice of this object canonically, so it is advisable to wait to get this, before the other loot item.

Dodo Educator

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Who knew an extinct, flightless bird could be so smart? Apperantly no one but you and your evil genius! When placed in the lair, it can help your minions replenish their smarts. It also can double as a science trainer at twice the speed.

Magic Carpet

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Its Aladin’s Genie’s favorite rug! All jokes aside, this particular piece of carpet will be used by minions to restore their morale.

Bush Tucker BBQ

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: This appears to be a food station that needs no person running it. Useful for a few reasons, obviously. Feed your men and they will serve faithfully. Restores smarts, and requires no manning.

Rumpelstiltskin’s Wheel

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: I’m sure everyone knows the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, and his ability to spin gold. The ability to make gold from nothing is long sought after, and if you can get your hands on this wheel, you’ll be granted the power to spin yarn into gold!

Giant Egg

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Whatever laid this thing, has to be HUGE! Suffice to say your biology fans will love it, and it teaches scientists to be biologists at twice the speed of the trainer.

The Sarcophagus

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Place this egyptian icon anywhere and it should work to increase the vitality stats of minions to 100 over time. Useful if you don’t have the dough to shell out for certain machines.

Carrion Flower

  • Heat generated: ??
  • Uses: Another trap loot, but this one certainly stinks…. litterally. When an agent gets close to this bad plant, it lets out a massive stink cloud that damages them for all their stats.

World’s Oldest Bones

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: This is a table that houses the oldest humanoid bones known to the world right now. Currently we don’t know what they do, other than lowering the smarts of your science minions a bit.

Dr. Jeckyll’s Potion

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Seemingly this is a potion that can give your minions a buff when the lair is in red alert. More testing must be done in order to verify.

Arabian Jars

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: This is the motherlode of objects that you want to put in your lair! it holds up to 20,000 gold and presumeably is safer from rouges.

Meditation Stone

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: When you place this nice decorative piece into any area in your lair, your minions will use it regularly, costing them some smarts in the progress, and allowing them to drop harmful traits, such as being easily duped by agents. A must if you want to have the best around.

Induction Chair (Cabal DLC)

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: You get this in your persuit of Espectro, and its what allows you to change certain henchmen into the alternative costumes that the DLC provides.

Act 5

  • This point of the campaign comes just before the time you put the second level of your doomsday device into play. The Following Loot Items become available.

A Million Bees

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: What kijnd of genius doesn’t admire the tenacity of bees? This is like a free version of the ‘Killer Bees’ Trap that you place in your lair. Just set it up and watch the carnage.

Colombian Emerald

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: This emerald seems to have a pretty consistent aura range that encourages morale stat boosting, speeding up how fast minions can recover.

Broken Time Machine

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Minions will use this thing a few times, and supposedly they get a speed boost out of it. Whether thats just a placebo effect of them ‘believing’ it, or some actual science, who can say.

Easter Island Head

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: This fine piece of stonework certainly looks like a typical statue. What it does do is act like a camera for your security center.

World’s Largest Piggy Bank

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: This prized piggy has two functions. The first, it’ll hold 30,000 in gold, so you can definitely place it safely in a vault. The second use is that it also opens up special deception minion schemes on the map.

Act 6

  • This is just before you set things in motion to put in the third level of your doomsday device. Its also around the time where you can finally start taking out Super Agents. The following loot items become available.

Pandora’s Box

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Evil in a box, thats certainly something of worth, right? What this box does is unknown, but its speculated that it gives some kind of morale boost when used.

Tsar Bomb

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Leave it to the russians to build a nuclear bomb that gets turned into a generator for your lair. Just try not to let it burn up, ok?

Terracotta Army

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: your combat minions will be thankful when you find this gem. It allows them to use to drain a bit of smarts, and apply a ‘stone skin’ buff to them, making them tougher.

Ray Gun Dispenser

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Hey, its about time Area 51 gave us something useful! instead of just boring stories and mysteries that can never be investigated, because you’d get shot! This acts like a weapon dispenser, allowing your guards a new weapon to fight with.

King Solomon’s Mines

  • Heat Generated: ??
  • Uses: Another loot item that stores your money in it. Considering you had to rip these mines out of the ground and shrink them to get it to your lair makes it somewhat more of an interesting paperweight, I suppose, but it can store money just fine.

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