OUTRIDERS – Quick & Easy Farm

This is a quick guide with the most easy way to farm rare weapons/gear.

Easy Farm

Dying it’s not so bad!

This is a quick guide with the most easy way to farm rare weapons/gear. Be aware that dying when an item is collected, you will still keep the items you collected and the trick is just that.

Trench Town: For this farm, it will require you to reach at least on Trench Town, once there, speak to Corrigan (image below) to grant you passage to the Wreckage Zone to go look for Seth, on the way (while still in the Town) you will spot 2 new icons on the map (1 and 2 below).

You can interact with both for a cutscene if you want. After that, head to the Wreckage Zone, on the way you will once again spot the mission on the field of battle by its paw icon, you will find yourself over a dead animal carcass, interact to start the mission.

The Trick

Once there you will fight a hord of monster before the boss shows herself (image below).

Once the boss shows up, if you can try not to kill her minions, or kill them but leave atleast two alive.

Now you need to focus all your gun fire on the boss.

If you managed to kill her, collect everything she drops, after you do, try getting killed by her minions.

On revive, you will be thrown on the last checkpoint before her battle, check you gears and equip the rare ones you collected, now that you are a bit stronger, go fight her again, collect everything and die to her minions once more.

She always gives you one or two purple gear, making you stronger everytime, you can fight her how many time you like, as long as you leave some of her minions alive.


She drops purple gears(rare) like the one below.

Increasing your tier before the battle yield better gear.

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