Last Oasis – Mastering the Mollusk to It’s Full Potential

This guide will explain the Mollusk walkers full potential in playing Last Oasis – focused about its interior hull, and how to maximize the space use for efficiency.

Understanding the Mollusk Walkers Full Potential

Power of the Mollusk

The probably most unique thing about the Mollusk, and its main selling point, is its interior. It has a small hull area where there are two entry points, a door on the back that you may grapple up to from the ground behind the mollusk, and a hatch, for hopping in or climbing out of the interior from the top deck. First of all, it is up to you whether you want your steering levers in the most optimal but limited view spot of the front head, the kinda ‘netted’ front where you can see in front of you while driving, just not behind or to the walkers right.

If you wan’t more visibility and don’t want to get sick while driving, then just build it on the deck where your vulnerable, but at least you can see whats around your walker (And unfortunately, you cannot have two levers, one inside and one outside, hope they add that at one point).

Note: A good spot is that little side area on the right side of the deck, looks like a little balcony, however I like to put a ballista there for grabbing those large crates and dragging them around.

And remember, no one can access the inside of your mollusk without breaking down either the door or the hatch. This below, is my favorite setup inside the Mollusk, having all the essentials within reach while still having a hallway in the middle so you can still use both entries/exits (And drive from the levers inside).

In this image you can see that there is a fiber working station, a woodworker, a campfire kind of hidden behind the woodworker to the left, and 5 small chests, five (Oh and the ammunition chest behind the fiber worker, but that’s not the exciting part, including the levers in the front, with a 100 water pouch hanging in front of it).

You really have to play around to get it right, but here you can see the exact sweet spots you wan’t to place the fiber worker and the woodworker, the two big things inside there (Unfortunately the advanced workers are different sizes, and are difficult to replace in the exact same sweet spot, but its probably possible – but till I figure that out, I say just have them in your packed base, as the whole point of this is so that you don’t need to take the time to pack a base whenever you need to craft a single rope).

Also remember if your levers are inside and you get the chests like this, you do have a blind-spot on the right side, so if your being chased, if you can, I recommend keeping them to the left of you so you can see them.

Now i’m pretty sure that no ones going to switch ‘sections’ (but I don’t know, is it just in the same page?) (whatever) so i’m just going to do it all in this section! In this next image, I show the decks of my personal walker I use on a daily basis in LO:

Note: The one above is of the rear, showing my walker-climber placement and that I put my ballista on that space where its good for a walker lever if you enjoy seeing the world around you (and my obsession over railings, for preventing people from grappling – and it gets pretty tough once you get small wings)!

Note: This one above this message is the same as the one above this one (say that ten times fast), of the deck, just, ya know, the front. This also displays my obsession over wood railings in the ‘wooden base’ section, yeah, they can be placed on walkers!

And if 5 small chests and the walkers upgradable storage isn’t enough for you, you can actually fit a medium chest, kind of! But I mean its accessible from the interior, so it works!

On the bottom of a Mollusk, right now, (it might get patched, unknown) you can ‘mesh’ a box inside, small or medium I have not teste d with large boxes, but you’ll find the sweet spot eventually if you just walk around under your Mollusk, youll see that it goes inside the bottom floor of the interior, and once you do find a sweet spot (try to minimalize its corners poking out so people don’t know it exists, and it is like a hidden stash). Whats better, is that if your inside your Mollusks interior and look at the built in upgradable cargo, and scroll down, you can select an option of two, being ‘open’ and blam! Your in the chest that you just placed inside your walkers keel!

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