Brawlhalla – How to Beat Lance

This guide is about on how to beat lance and resort to crying about a weapon that isnt actually broken.

Guide to Beat Lance

The first way to beat lance

Dodge. Lance has zero (maybe one) true combos. If you cant time it, make a dodge macro.

The second way to beat lance

Play in the air. The lance does not have any anti-air attacks while its on the ground, and nair is pretty bad on lance. Attacks like dair and gp are lance counters.

The third way to beat lance

Read the lance user. Most combos lance players do start with a slight or a sair. So, predict when your opponent is going to do the slight, and punish it. If a lance player misses the slight, they are stuck in end lag for a good amount of time, optimal for you to punish it.

The final way to beat lance

Literally just get good. There’s a reason why you dont see lance players in diamond or pro league. Because it’s very easy to counter.

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