Home Sweet Home Survive – Guide to Getting Started as Specter

A Beginner’s Guide to getting started with Specter (Killer). Target audience is anyone who started playing as the antagonist, but ended up the target of survivor bullying.


Hello. Mediocre player here, bringing you a guide to get you started on your experience as a killer in HSH:S. This guide was created for Early Access Version, and due to the nature of this game, information in here may become outdated/irrelevant in future builds of the game.

In this guide, I will cover the basics of playing as the Specter that should see you through the early stages of learning the game. The hope is that these tips will help teach you how to play to an extent that you are not feeling like a punching bag.

This is a work in progress, but I am releasing it early in hopes that what’s already here can help those just starting the game

Understanding Your Specter

This section may be updated later to include information on the other specters, but for now it will only include information about Belle, the only specter you can play at the start of the game


  • Strength – 2/4
  • Speed – 3/4
  • Sneak – 3/4

Belle excels at starting and maintaining hunts against the survivors. While not as physically intimidating as other specters in the roster, the ever-present nature of Belle makes her a deadly opponent for any group of survivors. Your goal as Belle is to always be pressuring survivors. The faster the pace of the game, the less time the survivors have to acquire the resources required to turn the tables on you.

Your Abilities and You: Invisible Form

Invisible Form will be one of your most used tools as a specter. It has three major uses: scouting, movement, and hunting. Similar to your active perk, this ability will be on cooldown for the first 60 seconds of the match.


One of the most powerful aspects of entering into Invisible Form is the aura reading properties you acquire while in this form. Upon entering Invisible Form, and periodically while within Invisible Form (indicated visually as a color change on your screen), you will see the outlines of all survivors. This is an incredible tool, as it allows you to keep tabs on the locations of all survivors, and allows you to pinpoint who exactly you want to target for your next hunt.


Invisible Form is an incredible tool for moving around the map while not currently engaged in a hunt. The increased movement you get while in Invisible Form makes it an extremely valuable tool for keeping pressure on the survivors. While you will have decreased movement while within close proximity of a survivor, running past a survivor while in this form is still faster than trying to walk past them normally.


With the increased awareness given to you by your aura reading, combined with your increased movement speed, Invisible Form is an extremely powerful tool for both Target Selection and Initiating a Hunt. Seeing the silhouette of the survivors allows you to pinpoint the survivor you want to kill from anywhere on the map. This elevates your target selection capabilities higher than any other part of the game. Further, by leaving invisible form just before a survivor enters your sneak radius, you can follow the uncloak with an attack for some quick damage to survivors, and initiating a hunt with that survivor. Do note, uncloaking provides nearby survivors a clear audio queue that gives them time to try to react to your uncloaking. Also, uncloaking with a survivor inside of your sneak radius causes you to go into an animation lock preventing you from using an action (including attacking).

How not to use Invisible Form

With only a couple of exceptions, Invisible Form should not be used during a hunt with a survivor. This is because Bloodseek is reset upon entering Invisible Form. Considering Bloodseek is how you will score hits on survivors, resetting it is less than ideal. As you play, you’ll learn when you should use this during a hunt.

Your Abilities and You: Immunity

Immunity is your defensive cooldown in HSH:S. The main purpose of this ability is to ignore stun effects of survivors. On a 20 second cooldown, this ability gives you 5 seconds of immunity to stuns. This can be useful in many circumstances:

  • A doorway contains a trap (indicated by white thread around the door frame)
  • Survivors are trying to stop you from hunting your preferred target
  • Survivors are trying to murder you.
  • When intending on destroying a locker a survivor jumped into.
  • When turning a sharp corner you expect a survivor to try to stun you at during a hunt. (Especially if you see their weapon sticking out from around the corner)

On a side note, more skilled survivors will attempt to bait out your Immunity by faking an attack on you in order to burn the cooldown, and then stun you after it fades. As you start off playing, let yourself be baited. As you get more experience with the game, then you can start trying to dodge highly telegraphed attacks instead of using immunity.

Your Abilities and You: Blood Portal (Belle)

Blood Portal, like Invisible Form, starts the match on cooldown for 60 seconds. This ability enables you to teleport to a random survivor. This incredible ability will not score you a hit, but it does escalates Belle’s ability to pressure survivors.

Useful times to use Blood Portal:

  • After killing a survivor
  • A survivor has locked you in a room or area using a sigil.
  • A survivor has used a powerful drop that does not have a good follow-up path
  • To initiate a hunt while Invisibility Form is on cooldown.
  • You have completely lost the survivor you were trying to hunt.

Advanced tip: Some Animation locks, including Blood Portal, grants the user invulnerability frames. This means you can use Blood Portal during a brawl in order to buy yourself time while your Immunity is on cooldown. This can be especially useful during an end-game brawl.

Your Abilities and You: Blood Trail (Belle)

The most powerful part of Belle is her passive perk Blood Trail. It turns this ever-present hunter into a ruthless predator. There are two parts of this ability, each are extremely beneficial for you as a Specter.

  • While in a hunt, you will see a red mist that lead to the closest survivor.
  • While in a hunt, you will gain Bloodseek at an accelerated rate compared to other Specters.

The first aspect of this perk allows you to keep track of survivors during hunts that successfully utilize Line of Sight to obstruct your view of their pathing. This is why it is extremely hard to lose a Belle that is chasing you, as she will always have a line drawing her towards your location.

However, the second part of this perk is what makes Belle terrifyingly powerful. Bloodseek is how you get hits on survivors. As you spend time in a hunt, Bloodseek gives you an increase in your movement speed. Bloodseek resets when you use an action (except missing with an attack). Belle’s Blood Trail increases the rate in which Bloodseek increases!!

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