The Binding of Isaac: Repentance – Final Boss Guide

The “No, seriously This is the Final Boss for reals this time” Repentance guide for peoples.

If you’ve played Antibirth before or watched people play it, Repentance is basically that but official.

However it’s not just a really well made mod they added and made adjustments to, there’s also yet another path that’s added. (So yeah, there’s gonna be spoilers for this other path so y’know, just a heads up.)

The Antibirth Path Unlock Conditions

All you have to do is beat Hush 3 times.

Easier said than done considering he’s got 6666 HP and Damage Resistance.


Compared to Antibirth, The puzzles to acquire the pieces are different. Plus you only need to get 2 instead of 3.

This guide shows how to get both of the pieces.

Oh and “Mother’s Shadow.” The escape sequence is easier if you play as The Lost or Azazel because they have flight naturally. Getting to Corpse is more or less how it was in Antibirth.

The Witness But Official

It now goes by “Mother” and the room you fight it in is smol compared to how it was originally. Phase 1 is basically the same as The Witness but it will sometimes summon an army of sad gapers or a projectile fistula that it plays tennis with.

Phase 2 starts as usual but it fires a sickly green brimstone laser during the transition into it, so if you’re used to it just shooting out forwards, that’s a surprise.

Also said brimstone laser makes the room bigger and it now does a charging move that goes up and down before slamming down with the force of Mom’s big fatty bum-bum foot.

The 2nd new move it does is a S U C C that sucks in bullets before shooting it out. The only move it doesn’t have in phase 2 is the spiraling anti-grav brim it had but i guess it’s because the room is too damn small for it to be fair.

Also like Mega Stan it doesn’t have a Health Bar, but it has 2222 HP according to the Bestiary.

Chaos Card works on it though. but it only takes a phase down.

ALSO ALSO, Beating it for the first time unlocks the new path signified by a strange door.

How to Open the Special Door in Depths / Necropolis / Dank Depths II

Place The Polaroid, the Faded Polaroid trinket, or The Negative into the door at the top of the starting room. There’ll always be a special marked skull somewhere on the floor that shall always contain a Fool card so you can warp back to it.

The door leads to a special version of Mausoleum or Gehenna II, which contain a shop and item room if you want something else and have coins to spare. Although it doesn’t have a boss at the end, instead, it has an item called “Dad’s note”.

We Need To Go…Deeper?

When you acquire Dad’s Note, you go through the floors you’ve been through in reverse order. You’ll also take a full heart of damage like if you went to the womb or corpse, so be aware of that. Also sometimes you’ll find souped up versions of previous enemies whilst traversing upwards that take more damage to take down. Oh and the first time you pick this up whenever you’ve started up Repentance, you’ll get to hear audio of Isaac’s parents having a fallout. Your goal at this part of the game when you’ve gotten this item is to return to the starting room of Basement 1 where a light shines, where doth it take thou?

Hi Mommy, I’m Home!

If you’ve managed to brave through the floors in reverse order, you’re taken back to isaac’s house where he and his mom live that’s on a small hill.

Like the Blue Womb, it’s relatively small compared to everything else but you’ve got a bed and a chest where you start off in so you can refill health you’ve lost and get an item or consumables if you wish.

When you get to Mom’s room and open the large box that looks like a bigger version of the trinket spawning Mom’s Box, The 1st time you open it unlocks the very fun and adventurous Red Key from Antibirth.

You can also use the Red Key on the Home room below Mom’s room to the left where there’s a red outline. What does that door hold then you may ask?

The Red Room in Home’s Secret: It’s… You???

If you use the Red Key where the outline is in home it holds Another Version of the Character you are playing as. So yeah, there’s some alternate versions of characters with their own quirks and gimmicks to play with.

Also there’s a consumable version of the Red Key called the Cracked Key that you can get by Leaving a trinket in an item room or boss room when beginning the ascent to Home with other characters.

If you do so as the Alt version of the characters, you’ll just get a shopkeeper like in secret rooms.

Now that this special tid-bit is out of the way, if you go in mom’s bed you’ll get a special dream sequence where things go staticy after a bit and things are dark save for some noises from the TV.

What follows is fighting a boss that’s weird even by this game’s standards and that’s saying something because some of the stuff in this game is really really weird.


When you step in front of the Television in Home after taking a sleep in mom’s bed. You’ll be greeted a weird, freakish, fetus thing made of static known as Dogma.

It’s attacks, Health Bar and boss intro splash are also made static as if it wasn’t a giant WTF moment already by description of it alone.

The tears it shoots range from being normal-ish to Godhead to shooting tech lasers after landing. It also has a brimstone laser that bends towards you and will warp to follow you if you try to escape it. Also static creep, it’s just there below him.

Don’t bother trying to directly attack it in phase 1, it’s not gonna work. Just destroy the TV instead in this part, might take a while because of static bullet hell but boom that’s phase 1 done.

Now Phase 2 On The Other Hand

When you break the TV Dogma basically becomes a TV Static Biblically accurate angel. And it gets the ability to be damaged directly but it also gets harder attacks, like Spinning right round like a record and shooting feathers for example. it also gets a super version of the angel’s light beam attack where it attacks in more directions.

So after beating it again you get a scene where it turns off like an old tv. That seems like the end of this new path right?

Well it’s not. Not yet!

The Truest of True Final Bosses in This Game

When you beat Dogma you get an item of the same name before this last stretch. (And a pretty neat cutscene too.)

But Before That Fight

You’ll have to fight “Ultra” versions of the 4 horsemen.Their attacks are mostly the same as their regular versions, just “ultra”. Although War goes on fire when he gets to phase 2 and Death can summon Ultra Death Heads that afterwards make the screen go dark where he uses his scythe. Although he’s got a red eye as a tell to where he is as a heads up. Ultra Death also has one phase instead of 2 so he’ll cycle through the same 3 attacks.

They also have an animation they do before confronting isaac, Death’s is probably the best because he facepalms when the other 3 fail.

I should also tell you that when you get to this fight, the game becomes 2D-ish and you fly and have a holy mantle effect, the flying and HM are what the “Dogma” item does. also partially heals if health is low enough.

But without further ado…

The Final Boss, For Real this Time

This is The Beast. Like Delirium before it, it’s got 10,000 HP and the Chaos Card doesn’t do a damn thing to it. It’s gonna be charging towards you 75% of the time and you’ll have to dodge stalagmites and stalactites during those moments.

Oh and it’s got 3 phases. When it’s done giving chase in Phase 1 it’ll S U C C in fire 8 times. they have a gap tho, don’t worry. You should be worried about the Ultimate Brimstone it does when it’s done inhaling though, the only way to dodge it is up.

No seriously, The Brimstone it shoots is SuperSized like SS4 Gogeta’s x100 BBK in FighterZ.

Phase 2’s chase has broken stalactites and either shoot fire or souls when it’s done and just shoot fireballs upwards when that’s done. it’s entered at around 50% HP.

When you hit Phase 3 at 33% of it’s 10,000 Health, it’s only gonna charge towards you but it’ll finally show some damage. symbolised by cracked horns, closed eyes, and some body damage.

When The Beast’s HP hits 0, an Uber version of Crack The Sky finishes it off and the final ending plays.

Does Chaos Card do Anything to The Beast?

Nope, It doesn’t. Use it on one of the Ultra Harbingers instead.

(This is just in case anybody missed it while reading about it in the previous section)

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