The Slormancer – Unethical Clear Speed Huntress (Wrath 10 Farmer)

A simple guide for a sharpshooter huntress utilizing 100% pierce, fork and rebound to delete the entire screen of enemies and zoom through maps.

Guide to Unethical Clear Speed Huntress Build


This is the build for you if you enjoy littering the screen in arrows and numbers, going fast, turning your brain off and grinding without worrying about anything.


  • Fast clear & movement speed.
  • Highly scalable damage.
  • Enemies being hit constantly ensures full HP/MP at all times thanks to mana/life leech.
  • Don’t need to aim, just click to kill entire screen.
  • Requires no legendaries or even epics.


  • Will probably die in 1 hit to big sword elites on wrath 10.
  • Destroys framerate (play in windowed and restart game often to mitigate).


This build should work with a variety of reapers, the one I use is the Primordial Bow of the Manabender, It’s possible to achieve a very high mana cost with Arrow Shot which gives us a large damage buff.

Potential reaper candidates

Primordial Bow of the Manabender

Even though it just took a huge nerf, it’s still strong enough to carry this build through wrath 10, gives an additional damage buff based on mana cost, raw damage based on mana regen and an active skill that procs explosions on crit based on the additional damage of your mana cost.

You’ll lose 1% HP per cast with the Primordial version, however it’s not a problem with life leech.

The Most Powerful Primordial Bow

Gives a lot of reaper damage, which should be enough to make the build work.

Primordial Bow of the Nimble Warrior

Potentially massive crit damage scaling if you can avoid getting hit, which is possible when you kill everything before they get a chance to attack you.

Big Fury Primordial Bow

Your skill damage is lucky, decent reaper damage and a lot of raw damage scaling.

How do you get Primordial weapons?

Kill 42,000 enemies with the original version.

Main Skills

Main Skill

Arrow Shot

  • Mastery 1 – Forking Arrow, 50% Fork.
  • Mastery 2 – Obsidian Arrowhead, 100% Pierce.
  • Mastery 3 – Snap Back, extremely powerful damage buff.
  • Mastery 4 – Furious and Fast, Projectile speed damage scaling.
  • Mastery 5 – Reactive Arrow if Manabender, Multiplicative Arrow otherwise.

Snap Back + Furious and Fast allow us to scale the damage of this skill immensely.

Secondary Skill

Literally doesn’t matter, use whatever you like.


Sharpshooter of the Wild

  • Mastery 1 – Assassin’s Momentum, huge movement speed buff which lets us run through expeditions much faster.
  • Mastery 2 – Know Your Enemy, nice defensive layer against mages and archers.
  • Mastery 3 – Doesn’t really matter, take Bad Medicine if your 2nd skill can poison.
  • Mastery 4 – Also doesn’t matter, choose whatever.
  • Mastery 5 – Precision of the Wild, free crit.
  • Mastery 6 – Rapid Shot, proj speed = damage scaling.
  • Mastery 7 – Baba Yaga, free elite damage.
  • Mastery 8 – Superior Endless Quiver, all the extra projectiles you’ll ever need.


45 Fury

  • 10% Crit.
  • 50% Attack speed for your primary skill.
  • 50% Reaper damage multi applied to your next cast when you use a movement skill (Tumble).

25 Dexterity

  • 12.5% Attack speed.
  • Little bit of reaper damage.
  • 50% Projectile speed, big damage buff.

Ancestral Legacy

If using Manabender:

  • Seasoned Hunter – 5% Attack speed, 15% Armor pen, taken to get to the next node.
  • Elemental Swap – Aura that doubles your mana cost, Arrow shot will cost 1336 mana with this enabled.
  • Reapersmith’s Legacy – Free little magic find passive on the side.

Other options:

  • Burning Shadow: Massive 50% Raw Damage and 100% Crit Damage buff with a cooldown, very powerful but not 100% uptime.
  • The Slormitologist – Item quantity, slormandrite find and gold find.
  • Pain Weaver – 10% to Raw Damage, Elite Damage, and Mana Regen.

Gear Stat Priority

Absolutely Mandatory Stats

  • Rebound Chance to 100%.
  • Fork Chance to 50%.

One roll of Mana Leech and one roll of Life Leech, try to get these on your epics asap to free up your rare/magic slots.

Example of a great piece of gear ->

Offensive stats

  • Projectile Speed
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Ancestral Strike Chance
  • Damage to Elites
  • Attack Speed

Defensive stats

  • Maximum Life
  • Elite Damage Reduction

These are mostly optional, you can drop them if you feel comfortable, once you’re able to kill fast enough it doesn’t matter too much.

Nice to have stats

  • Movement Speed

Reaper Stats

  • +5 To whatever you’re using

Mastery Stats

  • +2 Arrow Shot
  • +2 Tumble if you want more buff time

Attribute Stats

  • Fury and Dex

Legendary Options

Note that this build doesn’t require any legendaries, but they can make it much more powerful and smooth your progression if you happen to have them.

Frees up a stat roll

More projectiles always good

Faster Arrow Shot, more Tumble = more damage

More Tumbles

More damage

Elite big sword skellies tend to one shot you at wrath 10, nice to have this to prevent losing your run to an unfortunate spawn

Can help with single target damage

We do a lot of hits, slap on the gold find reaper and farm it up.

How 2 Play

  • Always run the Prison expedition, it has a much nicer layout for clearing fast.
  • Spam Tumble to get more damage and movement speed.
  • Shoot at walls to do more damage from the Snap Back passive.

Don’t get hit by these guys, you will probably die.

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