Bertram Fiddle – Major Puzzle Walkthroughs (Episode 2)

This is a walkthrough of the major puzzles. There are no hints or spoiler tags in this guide, only solutions.

Solutions to Chapter 1 and 2 Puzzles

Chapter 1

Phone Puzzle

Put blue and red cables into corresponding holes based on the cards on right side of switch board.
Solution: Keith DeBauchery, Mr. Bob Gollibles, and Miss Agatha Muttonlugs.

Bertram Fiddle - Major Puzzle Walkthroughs (Episode 2)

Mr. Dulsworth’s Safe Combination

Turn the word hELL upsidedown to make combination 7734.

Mrs. Dulsworth Flier Puzzle

Use the cut out words to spell your name on the invisible man filer in the center of the screen.
Solution: Eye Ham Bird Tram Fig Dull.

Chapter 2

Get out of Jail Puzzle Series

Getting Walter to Paint to Free Oscar

As Bertram- Knock on door to get plate. Take pipe off sink bottom to get green gunk. Look at mirror and take glass shard. Use glass shard in sunlight from window and angle toward red bug on floor to get red paint powder. Combine green gunk and red powder with plate to get partial artist’s palette. Pick up bedsheet beside Walter and hang on shackles for canvas. Give pipe to Gavin through window.

As Gavin- At murder scene, take blue flowers. In Mrs. Dulsworth’s yard, pick up Pan statue and place in right tree hole. Use pipe in left tree hole. Click on squirrel to capture and make brush. Give brush and flowers to Bertram in jail.

Have Bertram combine flowers with palette to complete. Give brush and palette to Walter. He paints and gives you key to unchain Oscar from market gate.

Making the Drill

Have Bertram give toothbrush from sink to Gavin. In Soapworks courtyard, hang trash can on hook on factory wall. Get truncheon from the counter on Manporium shop. Ring bell with truncheon and pick up bag of cement. Go to Cakery and turn up stove. Put cement in batter for whirly thing.

In Mrs. Dulsworth’s yard, use Gavin to break rock for gardener to get stone. In alley outside Lord Arthwipe’s house, play hoops with girl twice and follow her back to market. Put stone in fishwoman’s bucket. Pick up ice cream cone off girl’s head. Give toothbrush to man scrubbing statue outside Adventurer’s Club for ladder. Distract butler by speeding up treadmill. Put ladder against bear and swap ice cream cone for real unicorn horn. Combine horn with whirly thing for drill and use on jail wall.

Solutions to Chapter 3 and 4 Puzzles

Chapter 3

Steam Combination

Count steam jets as they appear.
Solution: 2513

The Tunnel Maze

You need slime from lower level to get Gavin to turn the wheel on the waterfall. Here is the tunnel order:

Bertram Fiddle - Major Puzzle Walkthroughs (Episode 2)

Getting on the Train

Take monkey’s paw from Lord Arthwipe’s house. Use paw on bike outside Adventurer’s Club to get cogwheel. Go to Manporium and fix sewing machine with cogwheel. Exit shop and watch orange cart be moved for you. Take sausage from DIY maker and donkey’s bladder from meat shop. Use the sausage on woman’s dog at train station to take her hatpin. Use hatpin on the twin’s balloon in the candy shop to cause owner to knock over candy display. Take candy ball bearings from floor.

Pick up cogwheel from bag outside toy shop. Use Gavin to replace robot arm. Put donkey’s bladder, cogwheel and candies in chest compartment.

Move robot outside toy shop (don’t move back to toy shop!), then move to train station passage. Use robot to knock over treacle onto policeman.

Bertram Fiddle - Major Puzzle Walkthroughs (Episode 2)

Chapter 4

Getting to Wretchedly Hall

Evidence of Innocence

Go into village pub. Talk to dark figure. Go into bathroom and close window, then turn on sink and read mirror message. Pick up bucket with hole left by figure. Go to apple tree in the swamp (left at blacksmith or right from train station). Talk to Emmalina and get photographs. Pick up wooden plank.

Freeing the Convict

Talk to Convict. Go to pub. Pick up mug from bar and cheese from patron. Use cheese on bounty hunter’s key to make mold. Put the plank on barrel at blacksmith’s forge. Talk to Little Wacksmith. Put mug in crucible and mold below crucible. Click crucible to pour metal and click mold for key. Use key to free convict. Take manacles and look at chest.

Crossing the Swamp

Look at swamp pony. Combine bucket and manacles for halter. Pony automatically goes to position in swamp. Click on landmarks on convict’s chest map to cross swamp. Bertram will sink if off the lines.

Use Gavin to push over dead tree at top of screen to make shortcut.

Bertram Fiddle - Major Puzzle Walkthroughs (Episode 2)

Solutions to Chapter 5 and 6 Puzzles

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is still very buggy at the moment. I recommend using the full walkthrough for this chapter for a way that will get you through it without game crashers.

The Attic Key

Go to Lord Wretchedly’s bedroom. Pull tapestry to reveal attic door. Go downstairs to kitchen. Talk to the Lord. Use Gavin to pull Bertram up to attic in dumbwaiter. Talk to Lady Wretchedly (don’t skip any dialog). Click on door for key information. Exit back through dumbwaiter. Click on four red vases in house- trophy room, downstairs foyer, upstairs foyer, and Scuttleworth’s bedroom. Do NOT skip dialog while Bertram is looking in vases. If lucky, will get key. If not-sorry-no fix at this time. Use key to open attic (don’t skip dialog). Exit to roof and look at objects. Have Gavin bend pipe now.

Making the Dirigible

Bringing down the Beast

Use Gavin on dolphin wall panel. Go downstairs and use Gavin (2x) to pick up dolphin then to carry upstairs to Bertram’s bedroom. Use Gavin to move dolphin to balcony. Use Gavin to hoist dolphin to roof.

Stove Puzzle

In kitchen, take cork from champagne bottle in cupboard. Very buggy at moment, but turn handles to direct steam to inflate dolphin on roof.
Solution: turn far left and third from left handles.
Go back to roof and use cork on dolphin blowhole to inflate.

Opening Dungeon

Take glow maggot and empty jar from Scuttleworth’s bedroom. Go to trophy room and take insect bolt cutters. Talk to Scuttleworth. Give glow maggot to the Lord. Follow him into library. Pick up handkerchief. Look at Book of the Dead to retrieve photographs.

Click on handprints to open dungeon door. See brightness difference and hear dialog prompts for correct clicks.
Solution: left light pillar, right light pillar, candleholder, statue.

Ram Puzzle

Dip handkerchief in red solution on dungeon bridge to get red flag. Go outside to ram. Position Bertram behind brambles. Use Gavin to make bramble barrier. Wave red flag and collect wool stuck in brambles.

Getting Pedals and Propeller

Give wool to woman at spinning wheel for rope. Use rope to pull out apple tree bike for pedals. Use insect bolt cutters to cut down windmill at blacksmith’s for propeller. Put both on roof dirigible.

The Demon Puzzle

Capture screaming toad in empty jar. Pick up elasticated undergarments in library. Go to dungeon room and talk to Lord. Take skull staff and combine with undergarments to make slingshot. Use Gavin to shoot screaming toad into demon’s ear.
Leave house through attic and get in dolphin dirigible.

Chapter 6

The Snitcher

Talk to people in alley. Go to Curiosity Shop and look at lemon. Go to Dr. Jeckyll’s surgery and make Embiggening potion.

Use burner for hot potions and press top valve to collect in flask. Use Embiggening potion on lemon. Use lemon on mangle and put in bulldog’s bowl. Find the real Snitcher.

Bertram Fiddle - Major Puzzle Walkthroughs (Episode 2)

Getting Magnesium Powder

Get currant bun from Dr. Jekyll’s surgery. Go to Freakshow and talk to photographer. Go into caravan and talk to bearded lady and Elephant Man about Marvo’s plans. Give currant bun to Elephant Man and take hoop on wall. Go to Docks and take reel in front of pub. Combine hoop and reel for pulling device. Pull out gorilla’s tooth with Gavin and pick up magnesium powder. Make transformation potion by following recipe and putting magnesium in collecting flask. Give to Dr. Jeckyll for access to his pub body chute. Be mesmerized by Marvo.

Defeating Marvo

Talk to urchin by dock. Use gold locket that bearded lady gave you on hotspot in river muck. Use grabbing device to pick up urchin, then pick up bottle in river. Give gorilla tooth to sailor by dock. Take boat to soap factory. Fill bottle with shampoo at factory entrance. Be mesmerized by Marvo again and use shampoo bottle with Marvo to defeat him.

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