Unturned – Useful Illmatik Engineer Tips

Tips for Engineer on Illmatik

The Basics

These are some of the most basic things you need to know on your engineer journey.

  1. You can make a sledge hammer for 3 scrap stacks which allows you to mine scrap piles faster as well as allowing you to mine sulfur nodes.
  2. You can make a gas mask for 6 scrap and 3 tech parts which allows you to go into the few deadzones on the map which house scrap and sulfur nodes.
  3. Both the cave near “Jansen City” and the “Sulfur Mine” cave require night vision as they get darker.
  4. You can use MTVRs, Mi8s, Chinook, and HEMTT trunk storage for extra scrap storage.
  5. You can buy scrap, explosive parts, tech parts, advanced parts from the equipment NPCs.


This section is all about the locations that are important for getting supplies.

  1. The cave at Jansen and the Sulfur Mine have the most scrap nodes.
  2. You can see sulfur and scrap areas on the map with the icons on the attached image above.
  3. There’s spawn protected sulfur areas as well as two scrap areas in each team’s HQ zone.

Buying Supplies

This is all you need to know about making things for building.

  1. You can buy the supplies for both the Crows MK.1 Sentry and the M240B gun for it for 1600 experience.
  2. It is only 1350 experience to make a CWIS (Which is absolutely broken as it’s like 10x that for all actual AA) which is great for defending FOBs and shooting infantry if you’re a ♥♥♥.
  3. You can buy scrap for 75 experience which is helpful for making big FOBs that would take hours.

Prices for each supply (Price High to Low):

  • 75 – Scrap x5.
  • 100 – Advanced Component.
  • 150 – Technology Part x5.
  • 250 – Explosive Part x5.

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