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Utopos - Guide to Controls and Basics

Written by MMaza76   /   Updated: Apr 11, 2021    

Basic Guide


Gameplay and Tactics

Your Mission

Stay alive. Shoot down other ships.


Your base is the place you start from and is always at the bottom of the arena. You’re protected and healed by it max 30 sec per game.

You should wait for other players to join the arena at the base. If you move out, don't die or damage your ship as other players can join the arena only until some player has died.

The totem pole in the center of the arena displays each joined player's color and direction where their base is.


You carry three weapons:

  1. Primary - shoots forward.
  2. Buchu bomb - shoots forward. It takes time to load, you can't shoot all the time. This makes quite big damage.
  3. Railgun - you can aim this by the right stick or mouse. It makes slightly less damage than the primary.


If you take damage, you first lose your shield, as expressed by the blue energy bar. Once your shield is gone, you start losing health, take hull damage. The shield and health increases over time, slowly, but if you lose your shield totally, it won't regenerate.

When you shoot the ship takes recoil. You fly faster if you don't shoot at the same time the primary or buchu bombs.


You'll find the following power-ups around the arena, randomly appearing:

  • Health (green cross).
  • Shield (blue something).
  • Speed-up.

Written by MMaza76.

Game:   Utopos