Dark Souls 3 – Katanas and Thrusting Swords Locations

In Dark Souls 3 all melee weapons you will be able to get as a reward, create from the souls of bosses or find. Lots of this game players prefer the Katanas and Thrusting Swords, and most of them want to use these weapons more often for close fighting with their enemies.

Dark Souls 3 - Katanas and Thrusting Swords Locations

Where you can find the Thrusting Swords

This type of weapons can deal either little or moderate damage with every swing. However it has quite high critical rating and attacks are rather fast.

Crystal Sage’s Rapier

Effect: Stance
Location: Crystal Sage’s Soul


Effect: Shield Splitter
Location: Purchase it from Greirat

Irithyll Rapier

Effect: Shield Splitter
Location: Lothric Castle


Effect: Stance
Location: High Wall of Lothric

Ricard’s Rapier

Effect: Ricard’s Lunge and Press
Location: Dropped by Champion in Archdragon Peak

Where you can find the Katanas

These weapons can deal either moderate or severe damage. Besides that they have one more extra effect – Bleeding.

Black Blade

Effect: Hold
Location: Smouldering Lake Mimic


Effect: Bloodlust
Location: Dropped by Mound-Maker

Chaos Blade

Effect: Hold
Location: Untended Graves


Effect: Darkdrift
Location: Dropped by Yuria of Londor

Onikiri and Ubadachi

Effect: Onislayer
Location: Grand Archives


Effect: Hold
Location: Firelink Shrine Unkindled

Washing Pole

Effect: Hold
Location: Handmaid (Shrine)

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