Popup Dungeon – Useful Tips and Tricks

Small quality-of-life tips.

Tips and Tricks

Speed Up

There are different settings to speed up the game.

Time controls

The most obvious one is the fast-forward key: by default hold [Left Shift] to fast-forward.

I suggest to:

  • Set the normal speed to 1.2 instead of 1.0.
  • Set the fast-forward speed to 3.0.
  • Use the “toggle on button press” instead of “hold the button” setting.

Mute voice while fast-forwarding

However, you will notice that the voices are sped up as well (and become squeaky), so you may want to mute the voices while fast-forwarding. Thankfully, there is a setting for that!

Speed up combat text

If you look a bit further in the settings, you will be able to speed up the combat without resorting to fast-forwarding:

  • Decrease wait times.
  • Increase the speed up of long wait times.

Dialogue text speed

Similarly, you can speed up the dialogues without resorting to fast-forwarding:

  • Increase dialogue text speed.

User-Generated Content

Enable mature user-generated content

To enable mature user-generated content, you need to opt-in:

Game Mechanics

Net worth

The net worth is the limiting factor when redeeming Shareable Reward Codes.

A code can be redeemed:

  • Every 2 hours.
  • If you have access to the character selection screen, so if you are not in a run!

You can check the value of your net worth in the settings.

Sudden Death

Sudden Death:

  • Begins on round 7.
  • Increases Power and lowers Support of all entities.

Very Sudden Death

Very Sudden Death:

  • Begins on round 10.
  • Increases Armor Penetration/Aim/Focus of your party members.
  • 25% damage per round (stacking) to your party members.

User Interface

Exit Level button

After you have beaten every ennemy, an “Exit Level” button appears at the bottom left corner.

This button glows:

  • Red when one or more Interactable props remain.
  • Green when you have interacted with every chest, altar, etc.

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