Home Sweet Home Survive – Ritual Callouts Locations

Guide to Ritual Callouts Locations


1. Janitor Ritual

We decided to call this janitor ritual as there are janitor tools around it as you can see in the picture.

2. 2F Mid Ritual

We call this 2F mid because it spawns at 2nd floor mid.

3. 1F Mid Ritual

We call this 1F Mid because it spawns at the 1st floor middle.

4. Heaven Ritual

In shooting games like Valorant / CSGO , we call the upper floor Heaven so we decided to call this heaven ritual as it is on the upper level of the hospital map.

5. Below Heaven Ritual

We call this below heaven ritual because (refer to no.4).

6. 3 Beds Ritual

We call this 3 Beds ritual because there is 3 beds around it. You can also call it 2F 3 Beds Ritual to make it easier.

7. Locker Stairs Ritual

We call this locker stairs ritual because theres a locker beside it.


1. Dark Corner Ritual

We call this dark corner ritual because its at a dark corner.

2. Side Balcony Ritual

We call this side balcony as the balcony is at the side of the house.

3. Pavilion Ritual

We call this pavilion ritual because it sorts of look like a pavilion.

4. Lower Platform Ritual

We call this lower platform because it is at the lower platform of the swamp.

5. Middle Ritual

This is middle ritual because its the only ritual at the middle in the swamp map.

6. House Ritual

This is house ritual because this ritual is the only one that spawns in the house in the swamp map.

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