Project Zomboid – How to Enable Build 41 Multiplayer

This is a guide to enable multiplayer in the IWBUMS beta branch of Project Zomboid Build 41.

Guide to Enable Build 41 Multiplayer

How To

  • To enable multiplayer, navigate to ProjectZomboidmedialuaclientOptionScreensMainScreen.lua
  • Go to lines 1518, and delete the “[[” and “]]” on lines 1518 and 1528 respectively.
  • Next, go to line 1465, and after the “–” add “[[” without quotes, and on line 1468, add “]]”, without the quotes, after the “end”.
  • Go to line 584. Remove the “–” from the beginning of the line, and add it to the beginning of the line below. Do this for line 596 as well.
  • On line 590, 592, 601, and 603 add “–” to the beginning of the line.
  • Save the file.
  • After this, multiplayer should be working.

It should be noted, that multiplayer was disabled for a reason, and thus, this is going to be even more unstable than 41 already is, possible desyncs.

This is not the intended way build 41 is supposed to operate, any and all damage to your game or saves is your own doing and not attributable to me.

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  1. I don’t understand why they removed the code after this guide came out. If people want to play multiplayer, even if it is a buggy mess, then why stop them? I really don’t understand this decision.

  2. holy shit, I didn’t write this on this site. I wrote this as a guide on steam for some fuckery that me and my friends were doing.
    to answer any questions right now as to why it doesn’t work. The newest version of zomboid is 41.53, in this version, they removed the actual code for handling networking, so no lua file changing will enable multiplayer for now.

  3. for version 41.50 it finds an error on line 1470 if DebugScenarios.instance ~= nil then
    this is when chosing “host”

  4. I think the file has been updated so some of these numbers are off now.
    Please update this tutorial

  5. Hello, awesome, thanks, but the esc key isn’t working so i can’t invite players, u know how to fix it? thanks

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