SimCasino – How to Obtain All Achievements

100% Achievement & Explanation


When you gotta go

  • Build a toilet

Primal Needs!

  • Build a functioning restroom

Easy Money!

  • Make $10,000 in one day from slot machines

Thirst for Knowledge!

  • Research everything

Lucky Streak

  • 50 players win a jackpot of at least $1,000

You need some Slot machines with a $1.000 or more Jackpot

The house always wins!

  • Have 50 slot machines with at least 18% house edge

We’re Watching You!

  • Build 20 security cameras

Fully booked!

  • Have 50 booked hotel rooms

At same time.

Fit for a king!

  • Have a hotel room with 100% satisfaction

It belongs in a museum!

  • Place 20 statues.

This Game is Old Enough to Drink!

  • Build 21 blackjack tables


  • Place 100 columns

You can spread them over several casinos.

Drink Irresponsibly

  • Set the beer price to $0

At all Bars in casino.

Real estate master!

  • Buy every available plot of land

New Vegas

  • Name your profile after one of the Casinos on the strip of New Vegas

New Vegas is not Las Vegas!

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